When I first started blogging, writing was a joy. I couldn’t wait to sit down at my computer and empty my soul. I loved curling up with a good book, absorbing the knowledge, and distilling it into something that would benefit my readers.

Now I cringe at the thought of reading my email, much less writing anything.

I almost shut this website down, erased it. I thought that my lack of desire was due to the fact that this had ran its course.

Now I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong with this website. I’m just burned out.

I began writing professionally back in the mid-aughts at some website whose name I’ve long forgotten. I told myself I would write as much as it took to achieve financial freedom so I could stay home with my baby girl, and I did.

For years I would wake up, terrified that we wouldn’t have enough to make ends meet. To ease that fear, I’d publish another article.

I did this for years until my books took off. Even after that I made myself sit down and knock out blog posts and work on books on an almost daily basis.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much of a toll that decision has taken. I didn’t even realize that this was the reason why I had no desire to read or write this past year.

Now that I know what’s going on, I’m going to step back and relax. I’m not going to force myself to read. I’m not going to force myself to write. I’ll keep this website, however. In time the burnout will fade and writing will be a joy once more.

I suspect this may be why so many bloggers quit after a time. When you force yourself to publish as often as the experts instruct you to publish, writing becomes a chore. Maybe if we wrote less, we’d be happier and our readers would have more time to spend living their own lives instead of reading about ours.

For now I’m going to kick back and relax. It is a beautiful winter’s day. Once I hit publish, I’ll kick back in front of the television and refuse to read so much as a text as a treat for writing this.

Balance is everything. When we allow ourselves to become off-balance, we should all step back and readjust.

What are you burned out about? Are you taking steps to recover? Please share your stories in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Burnout”

  1. I basically stopped blogging when we stopped traveling. I no longer felt I had anything to share. I do, however, still participate in one forum where I feel I have things of value to say. Maybe, after having given yourself time to recharge, you will find you now have different things to say. I hope so. You have encouraged me in so many ways. Thank you for being you.

  2. Good for you for knowing when to change direction. However, I’m glad that you decided against deleting your website. Even if you don’t add any more posts, many people will continue to benefit from your past writing. There are a lot of folks writing about minimalism and financial independence these days, but no one else has as much “street cred” as you. You had many strikes against you along your journey, as you have openly shared, and yet you had the grit to succeed and the kindness to share your methods. I applaud you.

  3. I get burnout on my blog, too, at various times. When the virus hit and the lockdown happened, I saw it as a chance to chronicle our days of quarantine, whether we would get sick, what shopping might look like, etc. Since those early days (when we thought it couldn’t possibly last MUCH longer, ha) I have steadily lost steam. That, and I don’t feel I can share as openly on my blog. Not that I have a whole lot of readers, but you never know who might happen by. Anyway, enjoy your break and I for one hope to see you back soon.

  4. When it comes to burnout the two most helpful ways that I have found is to take a break and then try coming back to it or to change your context. I know you previously mentioned thinking about experimenting with Youtube videos. So if you find it easier to have simple sit down and talk videos or showing us things and talking from behind the camera that is an option. This is sometimes called VBloging and likely accounts for the increase in people that would rather watch a video than read a blog post (or write one).

  5. Annie, no wonder you are burnt out. You have given us so much inspiration in your ebooks and blog.
    I know you will refill with creative energy again and if you decide to share more of your hard won wisdom with us in vlogs I will certainly subscribe.

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