Despite my best attempts, some things still get forgotten.

Someone had given me a large amount of cucumbers. We have eaten and eaten, yet some were still left in the fridge.

The other day I purchased a small amount of squash for meals next week, carefully placing them and the corn in the veggie drawer.

My loving daughter decided to rearrange the refrigerator. Instead of tossing the older cucumbers, she placed them upon the fresh squash. You can imagine what I found when I went to retrieve the squash and corn.

Fortunately, the corn was in another section, so it was spared. The squash was not so fortunate.

I feel like Herman Munster in my desire to jump up and down shouting “darn darn darn darn darn!”

Oh well. Try and try again.

After analyzing what I was going to cook I reduced the quantity some. Instead of three whole ears of corn I took one ear and split it in half, taking the other two ears, splitting them and freezing them for later. There is plenty of cabbage and some bell pepper (approx. a half a pepper) to eat, and this way I can add a small piece of polish sausage to the menu to round it out a tad.

It is my hope to one day reduce the spoilage this small family produces. Each day I work on that goal, though like today there are always disappointments. As long as I don’t quit I know I am making progress, however.

Today’s Meal Plan

For breakfast the rice cooker is whipping up a batch of rice. Rice with cinnamon sugar and cream – a staple around here. Leftovers will be saved for dinner.

I think for this evening I will fire up the little hibachi grill to cook up a purely vegetarian meal of bbq cabbage, corn on the cob, and either grilled bell peppers or some grilled squash with the leftover rice as a side. The vegetables sound soo delicious I’m ready to skip to dinner right now!

I have thought about getting a small gas grill, but I’m just not sure. It would be a wonderful treat to be able to grill whenever. It would also be a lot faster than heating up my old charcoal grill, but the gas grills are not only large but expensive as well. This little hibachi was gleaned from a neighbor some years ago. I believe I will continue to use what I have – it makes more sense than purchasing a huge gas grill for just the two of us!

The rice is done. That rice cooker is one gadget that has been worth its’ weight. I purchased the little thing for six dollars on clearance, and use it regularly to either cook rice or steam vegetables. Once I even used it to cook spaghetti! There is a recipe for bread you can prepare in a rice cooker as well. The bread doesn’t turn out half bad, but it doesn’t take much more effort to produce a more delectible loaf.

Time for breakfast!

Following a hunch

When you become closer to the Universal Mind, sometimes you get hints, or hunches that guide you in interesting ways…

Like the hunch to move to a house that didn’t really suit us.. but across the street moved a lady who had a mobile home for sale that did – a mobile home whose layout is strangely similar to the one I placed on my vision board then removed some time ago. A mobile home which I now own free and clear!

I have learned the hard way not to ignore hunches for whatever reason, so when I got the hunch that we needed a water filter for the new place I followed it and got a Pur water pitcher for us…

Since the purchase we have all been drinking glass upon glass of water. Even the guinea pig is drinking more water.

I began to research a bit on the benefits of water drinking, and found an interesting link. Apparently the Japanese have a certain method of drinking water on an empty stomach that is supposed to cure a lot of ills. With The Secret we don’t need such things, but it was an interesting read. The link is no longer active, unfortunately, so I’m unable to share it.

Perhaps the Law of Attraction has guided me to a desire for drinking more healthy water in order to bring about the healthier body I desire. Regardless, I’m playing my hunch and keeping some water nearby for whenever I want a quick drink.

Daily Mumblings

I spent a portion of last night relaxing and listening to music, and woke up to an email that my old company is hiring more people.

So I have reapplied.

I enjoyed that position.

Also fixed homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast, watched my daughter play with her beads (she actually made a skirt from beading today), worked a tad on the house and enjoyed life.

I am working on another painting. When it is finished I will post a photo here…

Peace to all,