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Cheap Rent: Man lives in storage locker for two months

Talk about cheap rent! Here’s a video about a man who actually lived in a storage locker for two months!

This is actually doable; I know a family who lived in a storage building for several months after a job loss caused them to get evicted. I wouldn’t want to do that around here when the weather was cold; my friends did this back during the summer a few years back.


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This reminded me of when our nephew lived in the computer lab at school. He had two hall lockers–one for food and one for everything else. He slept in the computer lab since he was usually in there all night anyway monitoring whatever project he was working on at the time. Of course, that only works if you are a registered student at that school.

There’s another guy who lived in his car in a college parking lot when registered there.

In all three cases you need to be subtle enough not to get caught as schools and storage facilities frown on these activities.

True. Chris Gardner slept in public restrooms when he was homeless with his son. I remember watching the movie and reading the book it was based on called “The Pursuit to Happyness.”

I also personally know a man who lived down by the river not far from here; he told me about how he kept a fishing pole with him to disguise the fact that he was living there. I met another guy who outfitted the back of his pickup truck to do the same, and one of our readers (you know who you are) lives in his truck today. Both have told me that it is essential to avoid discovery.

I slept in my van for many nights before I found this place; I used a futon for a mattress and layers of sleeping bags and quilts to keep warm, with a kitty litter commode for when I needed to use the bathroom. I had my little dog Angel with me back in those days; she still likes to snuggle under the covers now that I made her do it to keep her warm in below freezing temperatures back then.

I find it admirable that people can do this. I don’t want to get to that point with my kid but at times I wish that I hadn’t lost my driver’s license due to my head injury because I would feel so much safer if I had a vehicle to live in if worse came to worse, you know?

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