Coffee and Cold Weather

I have finally decided what to do about the coffee brewing dilemma: I do believe I’m going to attempt instant.

I have researched and read and frankly I’m tired of spending precious time debating over it. I don’t drink that much coffee – so why not try instant on those days I’m in the mood for a cup? I’m already a fan of the instant cappuccino, so what would it hurt? No percolators, no presses, no worrying about having stuff ground “just so,” just coffee.

There! One more issue solved!

I have relocated the desktop computer into the living room, where it has been appropriated by Katie whenever she wants to watch a show or play a game. That means I still use the laptop in the kitchen, but at least now she is close enough it is a simple matter to see what she is doing and watch over her!

For extra money I have taken a position as a Special Agent with KGB, the Knowledge Generation Bureau. The flexibility of the schedule will be perfect for life as a single parent. I can work a bit while she is in school, and a few hours at night while she sleeps. As much time as I spend on the internet I may as well make a little money, you know?

A mad thought has came to me to save on heating costs this winter. We live in a mobile home; my room is in the very back. Why not bring my futon into the living room at night to sleep this winter and close that room off? I wouldn’t have to spend the money heating it, and considering that the room is mainly used for storage these days I wouldn’t have to look at it lol! It would not be an issue to bring the futon in here at night and put it away each morning – I do that anyway in my bedroom – the only difference would be location. Definitely a thought for when it turns colder…

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