Consumerism has Gone Too Far

The other day I discovered that there is a new fashion piece that has taken over the Internet. It is a pair of jeans with a piece of transparent plastic at the knees. Here’s a photo of them:

This is a prime example of how businesses are deliberately creating things that encourage us to spend our hard-earned money to purchase things we don’t need.

Think about it: exactly what purpose do these pants serve? Reviews say that the plastic causes your legs to sweat, sticking to your knees and becoming physically uncomfortable over time. The plastic is too high up on the leg to be useful as a knee guard for those who like to garden, so they aren’t very useful to protect your pants from stains in situations where you need to work on your knees. Considering the lack of comfort, you would definitely be better served by using an old, stained pair of pants that you already own if that’s the reason you want them.

If the purpose is purely cosmetic, purely fashion…why are you so shallow? Do you actually think anybody really cares what type of clothing you wear?

Now let’s be honest: why were these pants really created? They were created as a gimmick. People aren’t buying as many pants or whatever so the designers decided to create something controversial to spur their sales. Every time you purchase these pants or something similar you are encouraging them to market more stupid stuff to reel people in.

Stop it. Just stop buying this crap!

Seriously, how many pairs of pants do you need? How many shirts, or shoes, or underclothes do you need? I’m willing to bet that you’ve got enough clothes in your closet, right now, that would allow you to wear a completely different outfit every day for several weeks, if not longer.

You don’t need new clothes any more than you need a new car or a new television or a new computer or a new phone. What you’ve got already does the job, so stop it! Use what you’ve got already and stop giving these assholes your money. Save that money or use it for something you really need.

Until we stop encouraging these idiots they are going to continue creating artifical needs, they are going to keep designing ridiculous products in an attempt to keep us roped into working two jobs, taking extra overtime, and running up credit card debt. Do you think these businesses give a damn about you? Hell no! All they want is your money. All they want to do is keep you trapped in wage slavery until you fall down and die. Then they will focus their market on the next generation.

So stop it. Just stop. Don’t you dare let them win.

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LOL, that it crazy that they can convince people to pay that much money for those uncomfortable pants. My first impression upon seeing the picture was that they look silly and uncomfortable. Well they say that marketing is no longer about designing products to help meet the customers needs, but designing needs that “must be” meet.


I would love to leave a longer message, but alas: no time. I’ve got to run and purchase these AMAZING pants with holes in them you see. Owww, how all my friends will envy me. Thanks for pointing them out to your readers;)

Take care luv,

Amen to that, Annie! So many people feel powerless and stuck but the truth is that everyone has a choice in what they buy or refuse to buy. Vote with your dollar, even if you only have one. We have power but too many of us give it away to the corporations that are deluding us into thinking we NEED this crap. As you said, we don’t NEED much.

Your post brought back the memory of the paper dresses that were a fashion flash-in-the pan from the 60’s. That was another ridiculous idea.

*clapping* You are so right! We all DO have a choice. The thing is, we’ve all been trained to buy, buy, buy. How do we break through and defeat the programming?

Hi Annie,

You are always so true and entertaining. I have lost past girlfriends with arguing over shopping and “let’s do lunch.” I like the minimalist lifestyle since I’m in control of my life. Some people earn a lot of money, but they also spend all of their money which can lead to serious debt. Keep up the good work!

Hi Annie,

I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. A few years back I left an unhealthy relationship and started on an amazing journey. I shop for clothes and shoes at my local Goodwill and St Vincent de Paul, and I often get compliments on my wardrobe. You need much less than you think you do and going without cable is a blessing in my humble opinion. My library has books, music and movies you can check out. There are so many other things you can do besides watching mindless television. I love being frugal and getting by with less because I can work less and have more time to really live and enjoy my family and friends.

Annie – love this post! True story: while hanging up some of my daughter’s clothes (sigh), I noticed one of her blouses had a rip at the top where the cloth is joined to the yoke. Being a good mom, I whipped out my sewing box and fixed the tear (it was about three inches long.) When she saw the blouse, she said to me, “Why did you sew that? It’s SUPPOSED to be that way!” Ye gods. My mother (age 91) always tells me how, when she was a girl, neatly patched and darned clothing was a matter of pride. Guess things are different now. Think I’ll keep to my mother’s (and your) way of thinking!

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