Craigslist, Classifieds and Freecycle

I am awake this morning, not only to see my daughter off to school, but also to meet another Freecycler. Yesterday I met two more people, one of which lives just a couple of streets away.

It is nice to know that my things are going to good homes and will get used yet again. That feels even better than discarding them in a trash heap, which I have done in years past when I lived in areas that did not have Freecycle.

I have located the local webpage that acts like the local trading post. That webpage is, the classified section. I have had several people tell me that in the Paducah area that is your best and cheapest method of buying, selling, or advertising services.

I’m thinking of trying it, but I am not sure on what.

The craigslist for the area covers a broad area – all of Western Kentucky. I wonder if there is some way to bring about a page for the Paducah area only?

The second batch of tomatoes should be dehydrated today, and some of the green ones should be ripe in a few days for another batch. I look forward to using them in chili this winter.

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