Daily Update

My cousin ended up having to go to the emergency room yesterday and had to stay overnight at the hospital because of swelling.

They are releasing her today, and said that it does not appear to be a rejection of the shunt. She is still pretty swelled, but apparently in no danger right now. The doctor is more concerned with her picking up an infection if she stays in the hospital much longer….

I am glad she is doing better, but I’m still worried about her. Think I will stay close to the computer to wait for the updates.

My phone company sent me a late notice over the weekend, but for some reason I did not get a bill. Got it all straightened out, however. They figure it is a glitch in the system since they cannot even pull up a bill!

There is word from my old job that they will be hiring 200 more people, so I made sure my hat was in the ring. I miss my old job. May have to take night shift, but such is life!

Since the rain has finally passed, we turned off the air conditioners and went back to using fans to ventilate this place. Katie is happy cause it means that she can now go in and out at will again!

Updated my mailing address on my credit cards and stuff… got that all taken care of. It is a relief to know that is done. Have yet to locate the jump drive containing my checkbook records however. I know it is here, so I’m not too concerned – just starting to get a tad aggravated. Dislike not knowing where everything is! May have to toss some more things to make the feeling abate some! Well off to work on my day!

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