Discovery And Change

It has been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to refresh my environment. As a habit, I’ve always discounted things like wall colors, furniture styles and other decorative touches. I was raised in a world where only the vain and shallow concerned themselves with such things.

I didn’t understand until recently how deeply that was embedded within my soul, but as I painted on Katie’s room the programming surfaced:

What a waste of money, my inner voice complained. And for what, so you can have a pretty little house and be a snob? Who do you think you are?

I couldn’t determine if the deep-seated emotions surrounding the thought of fixing up my home were based upon a poor self-image or some sort of reversed snobbery, but I could tell that they were very strong, strong enough that I took a break for several weeks in an attempt to sort them.

Where did these emotions come from? What makes them so powerful? And just how much have these emotions influenced me over the years? Would my life be better if I eliminated them?

I decided to find out. As I worked on that room, I allowed my mind to drift, to think and remember as I worked.

I wanted to associate the process of making my corner of the world beautiful with happiness, so I insisted upon tinkering upon it only when in a pleasant mood. I would turn on music that I loved to accompany the task and stop the moment that it felt like drudgery.

To my surprise, I then completed the room in short order.

Another angle, another day.

I have learned something about myself as I completed this project. I didn’t avoid painting and decorating to save money, but because I internalized the impression that it was a bad thing to want to improve your living area.

I am going to rid myself of that notion. In order to do that, I’ve set myself the intention of painting this entire house and organizing it until I consider it beautiful.

Have you ever began a project only to discover that you’ve internalized negative emotions or thoughts about the process? Please share your stories in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Discovery And Change”

  1. Clothing. It’s hard for me to buy many pieces or expensive ones. As a child I owned one outfit per day with one extra for laundry day. I wore the same dress on Sundays until I outgrew it. Clothing was not something my father approved of spending money on. It’s so strong in me that when I once bought an expensive coat that looked and felt well on me, I promptly returned it for a refund. I even bought my wedding dress on sale.

    1. Omigosh I feel you! Each school year I was allowed five new outfits and one new pair of shoes. I remember getting clothes during a school year just once when dad realized that I’d grown out of my current wardrobe due to a growth spurt!

      Maybe a portion of our lifestyles are the result of those experiences? It’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Hm, I notice the negative emotions most before I start a project, and sometimes they prevent me from starting something, or make me procrastinate a long time before starting.

        1. Why do you feel that way with mechanical issues? Do you feel less confident in your skills in that area?

          1. Well there was the faucet that I managed to get to stop leaking at the upper connection between the hot water and the faucet only for the valve at the bottom to start leaking a couple months ago 🙁 (At which point I gave up, stuck a bucket under it and called a plumber.)

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