Do You Dream of Financial Freedom?

Imagine waking up whenever you want to, without the need of an alarm clock. You sit up, stretch, and ask yourself:

What do I want to do today?

This is the life of financial freedom. You don’t have to work; you have enough passive income to cover your needs. Your time is your own. You can rest, learn something new, visit friends, volunteer…

…or enjoy the fleeting childhood of your children.

Do you dream of a life like that?

I achieved it once. I managed to be a stay-at-home single mother for my youngest child, a feat many told me was impossible.

What would you do with your time if you were financially free? Please share your stories in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Do You Dream of Financial Freedom?”

  1. Unfortunately for me, financial freedom came with old age and it’s incapacities. I sure am glad I like to read. Please, keep up your health while you are working on your finances. Going for a walk every day is how my successfully aging friends did that which is free other than investing in decent shoes. I sure wish I’d known that at your age.

    1. Reading is a wonderful thing, isn’t it Linda? I find it sad that it seems, with the passing of every year, that less and less people turn to the written word. There is so much knowledge, so many ideas, and so much wonderful inspiration that can be drawn from books.

      I would be lost without the written word.

  2. I dream daily of the life of financial freedom but, like you, I know it is something yet to be achieved. Luckily, I found a job I really enjoy so it will make the next few years more tolerable as I work to get my finances where they need to be. If I were financially free, I would be living on my mountain land in my technology-free home, reading, growing and harvesting my own food, writing, thinking, walking and helping others through volunteering. I definitely will follow Linda’s advice to keep up on my health!

  3. Oh my! Starting Monday at 3:30 my public job is done and after many years and many set backs, I am financially free! Feeling excited and nervous. Looking forward to doing what I what how I want and when I want.

    1. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations Karen! I’m so happy for you! Let me know how you enjoy your life of freedom!

  4. My goal of financial freedom has to do with spiritual goals I want to accomplish. I want to spend time developing as a person and getting to know my grand creator. Unfortunately I still have some debt I need to get rid of. As I don’t want to have the burden of debt hanging over me with a reduced income. So I will be working my two jobs for the next 2-2.5 years while I get rid of debt, save money and reduce my expenses. I should be in a very good position financially within the next two years. For those interested in financial freedom I recommend a youtube channel called Fy Nyth. It’s a channel hosted by a woman who found financial freedom in a “tiny house”. She will soon have her house paid off and she grows much of her own food. While heating her house with a wood stove and using some solar energy. So she will soon be in a position where she needs very little money to support herself.

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