Fels Naptha: The Fair Shake

After I posted my blog about Octagon Soap I got a call from my sister. She was rather irate and informed me that I wasn’t giving Fels Naptha a fair shake!

“I’ve used that soap to clean almost everything in this nasty house,” she declared. “Nothing else came close to cleaning up the crud this place had when I moved in!  You need to try it again!”

Okay, sis.  I had started cleaning my kitchen cabinets with ammonia, but had only managed to go over 2 of the cabinet doors.  I took a bar of Fels Naptha lathered a cloth and started there.

Well, it’s time to eat some humble pie.  When you really slather that Fels Naptha lather all over and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing a bit and rinsing it off, that stuff can really knock some grease and dirt!

The first doors I had already cleaned with ammonia I just lathered up and rinsed off.  The ones I had NOT cleaned with ammonia first were lathered up and allowed to sit for a couple of minutes before I started scrubbing on them.

Amazingly, the ones that I had not pre-cleaned with ammonia ended up cleaner than the ones cleaned with just Fels Naptha!  I assume because I let the lather soak on it some.

I’ve decided to post this to give Fels Naptha a fair shake, cause that stuff really kicks butt when it comes to cleaning nasty dirty stuff.  While I don’t plan to even consider washing dishes with it, this soap has now been promoted to my all-purpose cleaner of choice.

If you see a bar of Fels Naptha in a store grab it and give it a try. I’m now convinced that you will be seriously impressed.  I definitely am. 

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