First Night Failure

When I posted that goal for all the world to see, I set myself up for failure.

Knowing that the whole world could read that I just wanted to have my dishes washed before going to bed, I put it out for the world.

Then I cooked a bbq chicken with tons of fixins.

Yup, big messy meal with big messy dishes.

I know better, but I did it anyway. Then after that, instead of getting off my butt and cleaning the kitchen, what did I do?

I watched a movie, that’s what I did!

So this morning I have washed and scrubbed, and have two pans left to wash after they soak a tad.

I’m kinda ticked off at myself.

Oh well – this too will pass. I wanted to be honest and let everybody know how I did on the very first night!

Funny thing is – I was doing pretty good about washing them before bed – before I posted it online that is!

Let this be a lesson as to why you should only pick ONE thing to change at a time – could you imagine how chaotic my life would have been if I had picked more than just one?

Alright, I can’t stand looking at them any longer – time to scrub up those last two dishes!

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