We are attracting all of the time whether we know it or not.  All of our feelings good and bad are causing more of those same feelings and experiences to come to us.

When we have a horrible day, we focus on how horrible it is.  We passionately detest the type of day we are having yet that very emotion of disgust and hate is attracting more of those same negative experiences that we want to get rid of.

The only way to change what we are attracting is to change our focus.

Stop.  Just stop for a moment.

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Get a grip on those feelings that are spiraling out of control.

Go to a peaceful spot—hide in a bathroom stall if that is what it takes—and calm down.

Change your focus and you will change your experience. Concentrate on one thing that makes you feel good. Grab that feeling and hold on to it like the lifeline it really is.

Keep your focus on the good.  Place blinders on your mental vision blocking out the bad things and remind yourself of how wonderful it is to experience whatever it is that makes you happy!

Stop looking at the negative in your life.  It won’t go away so long as you stay focused on it. Change your focus, and change your world.

What do you have to lose?

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