Fun and Games Shoestring Style

My daughter and I haven’t owned a Monopoly game since our last one bit the dust in a horrible accident. We missed it but such is life.

We struck gold the other day, however. Sitting on the top of a trash can was a Monopoly box. We snatched it up and brought it home to discover that only a few of the pieces were missing. We gathered up some of the stuff we had managed to save from our old game and created the items we still needed using pieces of paper and whatnot, then sat down and started playing.

We had a blast! Hopefully we will be able to scrounge the cards we’re missing over time, but until then the game is playable. We just have to remember that giving an IOU for rent when just two people are playing doesn’t work out so well. We kept passing that ticket instead of one of us giving up until we finally called a draw. It was fun, though!

Have you ever scrounged or created something you could use by just piecing it together from scraps? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Annie,

    I like how you can always find new ways to entertain yourself. Since I live alone, I no longer play any board games. I traded almost all my books and board games at a large U-trade it type local bookstore. They give you cash or a credit slip for buying their used books and merchandise. Like I wrote before, I have an entire free t-shirt collection (few shirts from this bookstore) that I have earned through contests and new store/restaurant openings.

    I have been frustrated when I was younger after losing a game piece. If you can hang onto some of your older things, then they sometimes go up in value if it’s a limited edition. I know that Monopoly has changed their game tokens since I was a child—a long time ago—LOL! There was a contest and people voted on the new cat token, being more popular than a wheel barrow! I never thought of keeping two games, one old and another game, sort of like having spare car parts.

    I remember playing board games when we were kids, long before video games became popular in the 80s. We never had the fancy cell phones like the kids have now where you can play games, music, or watch a movie. Unbelievable! But there is something to be said for developing a good imagination due to such simplicity.

    Who knows, but after I move to my new home I may buy a few board games for both kids and adults, since I hope my new home will be more sociable.
    Keep writing Annie.


  2. No, I haven’t. I must admit that we in India are not very frugal with money and don’t prefer to buy second hand items if we can afford new ones.

  3. I always give a deck of cards and a pair of dice as a graduation or wedding present to people (along with other stuff). Along with this is rules for certain games I find enjoyable: pig
    (the dice game), pig (the card game), Strip Jack Naked (card game), Scat or 31 (card game), Picaria (a board game drawn on a piece of paper). If game pieces are required I referance coins, or washers and nuts or tiny pebbles with which to play.

    I have received many thank yous for the cards, dice and instructions. I just want to show them there are other means of entertainment besides being plugged in.

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