Gratitude List

One thing that has really helped during my current challenges is keeping a gratitude list. Sometimes it is a mental list, other times it is a written list, and frequently it is a combination of the two.

Here are a few things I am thankful for:

  • We have a roof over our head with electric, water, and Internet. I have no idea how I’ve managed this on my current income but I am extremely happy that I’ve accomplished it.
  • My book royalties are going in the proper direction. That feels so nice!
  • My Katie is doing well in school. She is a straight-A student and I am so proud of her.
  • I am able to read and write again. Sure, it’s not as easy as it was before I got hurt, but who cares? I can do it, and that is all that matters!
  • It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining and life was just…good.
  • I’ve got money in my pocket. It has to go for bills but hey, it’s money. I haven’t had cash in my pocket for so long that this is a treat!
  • My belly is full. We ate a nice Spaghetti meal earlier and I am still stuffed.
  • Katie washed dishes tonight. That is always a treat!
  • We are slowly coming to terms with the loss of Emery.
  • I have a dedicated writing computer! I managed to piece together another laptop so that I no longer have to switch over whenever I want to go online. Yay!
  • The fact that my tech skills are coming back so that I can actually manage to piece together another computer! That feels heavenly!
  • Anytime I’m bored all I have to do is read the news. The current political climate makes for some interesting reading as you try to sift through the propaganda to find the truth behind it.
  • I am thankful for my ancient, aging tech even more as I read the news. My writing laptop is Windows XP and never goes online. My other laptop is now running Ubuntu Linux, so I am safer than the average bear when it comes to online spying, malware, and the like. I don’t have a television, so no worries of being spied on there. My internet connection is so slow that I would instantly know if something was using any bandwidth so I would know to check things out.
  • I have more friends than I ever imagined. Even Katie’s friends have taken to adding me on Facebook and shooting me messages to ask how we are doing. Folks I haven’t heard from in ages have been reaching out to me. That means so much.
  • Soon I will be starting a new adventure. Katie will be off to college and I will be moving on. I have no idea where I will end up but the fact that I’m so close feels amazing! For a time I never dreamed that this time would be so close.

I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. Once I get started thinking of all of the awesome things I have to be grateful for it is hard to stop.

What do you have to be grateful for? Please share in the comments below so that we can be thankful together!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude List”

  1. I am especially thankful for my husband who does for me the things I can no longer do for myself.

  2. Hi Annie,

    1. I am thankful for you writing your blog and your speedy recovery!

    2. I am thankful that I live alone in my home with peace and privacy without roommates or family

    3. I am thankful for my small, paid-for home, in a safe and quiet neighborhood

    4. I am thankful for my continual good health

    5. I am thankful for my reliable older car—-with a low cost yearly car license renewal and few expenses

    6. I am thankful for not having to pay for another car oil change from one year ago—since I don’t need to drive much! LOL!

    7. I am thankful for having a small circle of the highest and best friends

    8. I am thankful for finding a new and cheap, accurate psychic reader on etsy!

    10. I am thankful for great entertainment on youtube videos where I learn something new every day about conspiracy theories, politics, psychic, alternative healing…

    11. I am thankful for being a crafter—crochet, knit, art…

    12. I am thankful for my TV set (with antenna purchased from Walmart Store for $30) and I DO NOT PAY for cable/dish service TV!!!! (I get a few good channels—more than I need)

    13. I am thankful for my one laptop computer, cell phone, and cd player—(small electronics—-all that I need).

    Above all I am thankful for the online frugal living community and knowing that I am not alone as a minimalist/frugalista….

    and so much more!

    Blessings! Keep writing Annie! You’re one strong lady!

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