Grocery Shopping

I went to the Kroger today and spent $18.00.  This bought:

  • Gallon of milk
  • Gallon of ice cream
  • Box of generic grape nuts
  • Bag of almonds
  • Cole Slaw mix
  • 2 pot pies
  • Stauffer’s lasagna box

The ice cream was a treat since I’ve been craving it lately, and the little box of lasagna will make me 2 meals for a lot less than I can cook a big batch.  Same goes for the pot pies.

Normally I would not have purchased the pot pies or the lasagna (or even the ice cream) but some times you need to splurge at least a little. 

One thing I did NOT get was a 2-liter of soft drink.  I love soft drinks but the prices are getting stupid so I’ll drink water, iced tea or koolaid – I can even whip up some lemonade if I want, but I’m not giving them $1.75 for a bottle of sugar water when I can make that at home for pennies, I don’t care how much I like that stuff!

I’m low on eggs but the best deal they had was on the 2-1/2 dozen of the small eggs for 3-something.  I can go to Sam’s Club and spend about the same money and get 2 18-packs of large eggs instead.  Since I’ll be in the area over the weekend I plan to do just that.

I would normally go to Wal-Mart for this small amount but the price difference on ice cream was significant.  I can get a gallon of ice cream for less than $4 at Kroger or go across the street and spend almost $8. There wasn’t enough of a price difference on the other items to justify going to another store for these few things.

I wandered around the store a bit, just looking at the stuff they have for sale there.  All the selection of shampoos and cleaners… it really amazes me, especially the cleaner section.  Bottles and bottles of cleaners containing ammonia or bleach selling for over five dollars each, while their primary components sell nearby for only a dollar or two. Gizmos and gadgets galore, all ready and calling out to be purchased—it is just sad.

Sad indeed that we have to work so hard to fill the pockets of those stupid corporations!

I’m talking to my sister about featuring her on this blog.  She lives on a disability check of six hundred-something, out of which she pays rent on a house.  She still manages to pay her bills even with this small income so I have put her to work writing down some tips to share here.

When she gets done I’ll feature her income, expenses and frugal tips.  I want this blog to be an inspiration to those who are living on small incomes, to show that you CAN make it.  Even those who are not living on small incomes may benefit from the information.

I would like to set some pages aside for specific frugal tips, but I’m not exactly sure how to classify them.  Perhaps split them up by the rooms of a house?  Living room tips on this page, bathroom tips here, kitchen here… what do YOU think?

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