Having Less to Clean

Simplifying your life can take the form of reducing things that you are obligated to do.  Cleaning is one of them.

One way to reduce the amount you have to clean is by removing your shoes at the door, outside the home even.

Leaving your shoes at the door will prevent a lot of dust and dirt from entering your home. If you have one spot at the door where shoes are deposited you will notice a significant difference in the dirt level of that area compared to the rest of your home.

The Japanese have done this for centuries to protect the tatami mats they use as flooring, and it is something that we can do to protect our floors as well.

By reducing the dust and dirt that enters the home, you will have less dust and dirt to clean.  This means that you will have to dust and vacuum less often, freeing up valuable time.

Another benefit is for your feet and your shoes. By allowing your shoes to air out regularly while you are in the home less bacteria will grow within them.  They will have time to dry out between wearings, giving a less hospitable home to these smelly companions.

You feet will also be freed from the damp and smelly environment of your shoes which may help with foot odor as well.

The Japanese have special house shoes that are worn while in the home. You can designate some simple sandals for this honor. 

I tried using the special set of shoes for the home.  I constantly forgot which pair I had on, wearing the house pair outside or the outside shoes inside.  As a result I gave up on that idea and just removed shoes entirely when I am in the house.  The difference in my kitchen floor alone is astounding.

Place a small rug near your door to hold your shoes.  This rug will catch the dust and dirt that falls from them.  Shake out this rug on a regular basis to remove the dirt from your house.  If you have an enclosed porch keep your shoes there and prevent any of that dirt from entering your home.

Sometimes the simple things can add up to save a lot of work.

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