How do you feel about hypocrisy?

All of us have met that person. The person who claims that “sex outside of marriage is bad” but brags about one-night stands or is constantly in and out of relationships. The one who tells others not to judge even as they are judging others.

Or the one who tells you to throw all of your stuff away just to buy new.

There is nothing wrong with having beliefs. Beliefs are part of what shapes us and makes us unique. Without a range of different beliefs and opinions, this world would be a very boring place.

The problem with having beliefs is when your actions run counter to the beliefs that you state publicly or even say that you believe yourself. They can not only lower your sense of self-worth, they reduce your value in the eyes of others.

How can we respect someone who scolds another for smoking while they’re puffing away on a cigarette? How can we respect someone who preaches celibacy outside of marriage when they have a live-in partner? How can we possibly respect someone who condems the wealthy when they brag to others about how much money they spent to buy a new car or a house?

We can’t.

I have no patience for people who do not practice what they preach. While it doesn’t matter to me what others believe or don’t believe, I have an issue when someone’s stated beliefs run counter to their actions. If someone tells me that they don’t believe that women should wear their hair short or use cosmetics, I expect that person (if female) to have longer hair and a clean face. If their hair is shorn to the roots and they’re wearing a cosmetic counter on their face, I am going to lose respect for them.

If we can’t practice what we preach, why should anyone bother listening to us? If we can’t follow the advice we offer, what does that say about us or the message?

Does it bother you when you experience hypocrisy in your daily life? Do you strive to keep your stated beliefs consistent with your actions? What do you do when you realize that your actions run counter to your stated beliefs?

Please share your answers in the comments below.

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