How To Be A Savvy Cheapskate

Good Morning all!

I found this yesterday and thought of you!  Yahoo Finance has an article about being a Savvy Cheapskate—and it is a good read but the real gem is in the links it contains!

The annoying part of some of these links is you have to click a couple of times to get to the destination but they are worth it! For instance, by clicking the links you will stumble upon an article titled “How to Live Happily on 75 Percent Less.”  You will also find a blog entitled “The Green Cheapskate” which is a true gem—I had to hunt a bit to relocate it so I’m giving you the link right here…

So if you get some time hop over to the Cheapskate article and mine that puppy for links—you may find a frugality article that speaks to you!

Before anyone asks, I don’t get anything from promoting stuff like this.  I do it in hopes of helping my readers live a more frugal life and I do it to help myself keep a record of websites I have found helpful on my own personal journey of frugality.

If you know any good links send me a shout ok?  I’d love to hear from you!

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