How to Change the World

Big Business cares nothing about you. If it doesn’t benefit their bottom line, it doesn’t matter to them. The lip service they give you is meaningless. Some corporations even acknowledge this with backhanded ways of “helping” their employees.

We aren’t supposed to believe that, however. We’re supposed to believe in “by the people, for the people” despite the growing evidence that our beloved nation is no longer a democracy. Big businesses owned by the extremely wealthy are the ones who control us but what do we do?

We spend our entire lives making them even more powerful.

There is something we can do to change that, however.

Sam Walton made a prescient quote about the subject in his book Made in America, My Story. He stated:

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Every time we agree to work their jobs we make them more powerful because we help them become even wealthier.

Every time we buy their goods and services we make them more powerful.

We are giving them the money that they are using to buy our government, to use our government to fulfill their desires. We are literally giving them the power when we choose to work for them and give them our money. We bring them joy when we take the money they “give” us in our paychecks and hand it back to them.

If you are content with this knowledge than there is nothing for you to do. Just keep doing what you’re doing so that you can continue to help them.

But if you’re tired of being a legal slave, if you are tired of businesses running your nation, then there are a few things you can do to begin changing the world.

Stop working for major corporations. They use your work to make the money that they use to control your nation. The less workers they have, the less money they will make and the less power they will attain.

Stop buying from major corporations. This one is really hard because we’ve given so much of our power away that we no longer know how to do without the things that they provide. There is a workaround to this for many things:

Buy used. Buy used items from local dealers, people who live with you, have kids that go to school with your kids, and don’t use their money for power. The damage was already done during the initial sale but doing this prevents the damage from getting worse.

Fix your stuff. Don’t replace something just because a new model came out or it gets a few scratches. Wear it out completely and keep it in service for as long as possible. This keeps your money out of the system and away from their hands.

Cut your expenses. You have to pay for certain services like housing and utilities but you don’t have to give them as much as you do. Be conservative. Spend less. Get the smaller home. Live in the slums. Buy the used mobile home. Isn’t freedom worth more than a fancy house on the hill?

Watch your charities. Here is an article that will help you identify the worst offenders. Many large charities spend most of their donations fattening the pockets of those in charge and fueling the donation system by paying other companies to advertise. Helping others is a wonderful thing but don’t fall for the wolves that lurk among them.

Consider the motives. When a college tells you that you will benefit if you attend their institution or a business tells you that it is to your benefit that you buy their stuff to be healthier or prettier or to have greater opportunities, consider their motives. Do they make money if you believe them? If so, they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Educate yourselves. You can find books at your local library for free or support independent authors to increase your knowledge. You can watch movies and videos. You can find a mentor and learn from them. Experience itself is a powerful teacher. Money does not prevent you from becoming educated, not in this modern age. The only one who prevents that is you.

Spread the word. Encourage others to live on less. Explain why you make the decisions that you do. Show the world that you are taking a stand by the choices you make.

Do no harm. It is not for us to judge how others choose to live their lives. When we support a local business as opposed to a major corporation we are helping our communities. Others may not agree. They may accuse you of being lazy, of “dropping out” or being insane. Accept their criticism calmly and move on. They are entitled to their opinions. We tend to sway more people by our actions over time than any loud protest ever does. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself what happened to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. It faded into nothingness and is barely a blip in the history books now.

How you decide to do this is up to you. You may decide to pursue full minimalism. You may decide to hit the road. You may decide to stay right where you are and make small changes in your daily life over time. There is no wrong way, only progress.

But the time has come where we are fast approaching a tipping point in our world. If we hit that point it will be too late. The blinders will come off and we will see the truth of the world for what it is.

“If you want to change the things in your life, the things in your life must change”(Kevin Trudeau). If we want our world to become better, then we have to remove the power from those who wield it.

The only way to do that is to take away the money that gives them power.

Good Luck.

4 thoughts on “How to Change the World”

  1. I live in an adult community in which we are not allowed to tip any workers. Then, once a year, the company asks us to make a huge donation to make up for those tips. But, they don’t give those tips based on who has been giving the best service. They divide the money according to how long each employee has worked here. I call that an employee retention bonus. I hate the company asking us to fund their retention bonuses. But, I also hate short changing employees I would otherwise tip. It’s a real catch 22 for me.

    1. Dear Linda,

      They may be able to forbid you from tipping the workers but they cannot prevent you from giving someone a gift or “repaying” a small “loan” to anyone you desire. I frequently pull waitresses aside and give them personal gifts, specifying that I am NOT giving them a tip that they are obligated to report to their employer or on their taxes, but have decided to give them a personal gift just because I can. If someone is in earshot, you can say “by the way, thanks for loaning me that dollar last week,” and give the person a conspiratorial wink as you hand them the cash.

      That doesn’t resolve the large donation requirement, however. Is it a set dollar amount, or can you plead poverty to at least reduce the amount you “donate”? There must be a creative way around that requirement.

      Does anyone else have any ideas on how to outsmart the “donation” requirement?


  2. I totally agree with everything you have written here. Your solution is spot on- don’t give the corporations a dime. I do my best to minimize, re-use, repair, do without and, if I shop, it is used or local. I bank at a credit union so I can avoid doing business with the five major banks. At this time in my life and with where I currently live, I can’t be without a car but I have a gas sipper and I minimize trips so I can spend very little on gas because I detest the oil corporations. We do need to be vigilant because, if they could, they would totally control the water, the air, the food and the air we breathe. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracist but the greed (for money and control) of those behind the corporations is insatiable. I recently watched a video about an ‘intentional’ community of 70 some people living together on 300 acres. Something like that may be the answer for me. I say, enough already. I currently work for an investor-owned methadone clinic and it sickens me to realize that this clinic is making a profit on the suffering ot human beings. Good for you, Annie, for living your beliefs!

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