How to Kill Insects on the Cheap

A friend of mine of Facebook mentioned an ant infestation, reminding me of the really cheap methods of bug control I have learned over the years.

My secret weapon:  Borax.

The house I rented before buying this place was overrun with fleas.  I sprinkled Borax on the carpets, used a broom to brush it in (to get the best penetration as well as hiding the borax from visitors), and left it for a day or so before vacuuming it up.  I did that at least once a week and guess what?  After the second week you didn’t see a flea in that place!

This place had both fleas and roaches when I moved in.  At first I thought I was going to go the traditional route and spent a fortune on insecticide and fogs, but it didn’t to a bit of good.  Seems I still had buggies despite spending a small fortune, to my chagrin.

So I went back to the old-fashioned method.  I placed Borax on my carpets, sprinkled it in the cracks and crevices, washed my floors and counters with it—I haven’t seen a bug in months!

Borax is a lot cheaper than the other stuff and works a whole lot better.  Unlike some I don’t mix other things with it (except for baiting ants), but I do sprinkle it and keep it out on a regular basis. I plan to keep up this layer of prevention this summer to avoid giving any critters the opportunity to come in here…..

Here are a couple of links about killing insects with Borax, if you don’t believe me.  Frankly, in my opinion that stuff is a miracle in a box for all of the stuff it does!  If you mop your floors with it not only will you get them clean but have placed a safe bug-killing solution on the floor. Same for countertops, walls, wherever!

Here are those links:

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