How to Know That You Are Loved

I stayed up until sometime after 1am to watch the water. Even with the crest prediction being lowered, I wanted to be cautious. I gave my auntie one last call to let her know that we were okay and headed to bed.


My whole house shook from the banging. I rolled off the bed, landed on the dog, and knocked off my lamp as I staggered to the door.

GET IN THE TRUCK!” Katie’s uncle roared when I finally managed to open it.


“Damn crazy fool, your house is gonna flood! It’s getting up to 26 feet, now get in the damned truck! Where’s my niece?”

He had apparently stressed his entire shift over the earlier crest predictions and raced to our house the moment his shift was over. It took thirty minutes and a phone call to the police to reassure him that the river was cresting and that we were going to be okay.

It was a hairy thirty minutes. For a time there we thought he was going to forcefully carry us out of the house!

It’s nice to be so loved.

I’ve had friends, neighbors, and relatives calling and visiting since this hit the news. I’ve received messages from near and far. The outpouring of concern and support even in the midst of this pandemic has been amazing.

I find it beautiful, and I am immensely grateful.

Today I am sharing a photograph that was taken as I stood at my front gate this morning. It looks scary but we are one of the lucky ones. Just up the street, cars are partially under water, streets are closed, and houses are surrounded.

So life is good in my tiny Kentucky town. It may still be a bit crazy, but life is still good.

I’m still a bit tired after staying up late, getting awakened, then climbing back out of bed again early this morning to monitor the water, so today will be a day of rest.

Even more importantly, today is a day of gratitude.

No matter how bad things get, there is always something to be thankful for. Those are the blessings that give us the hope that will carry us through.

What are you grateful for today? Please share your stories in the comments below. We will all be thankful together.

3 thoughts on “How to Know That You Are Loved”

  1. I am so glad that you and your family are safe! Those pictures are scary. Your uncle sounds like the kind of guy I’d want to have on my side during the zombie apocalypse! It really is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have people in your life who care about you, who worry about you, and who want the best for you (even if they wake you up at 3:00 a.m. to prove it!) Right now, I am so grateful that the sun is shining after four straight days of rain (but I have plenty of water in my cistern, so no need to buy water!), my grass is finally cut and the yard looks decent, both my children kept their jobs during the lockdown, I have finally found a good part-time job to take the place of the one I lost during the lockdown, and church will finally start up again (although with many precautions in place.) And my garden is starting to grow! I hope thiings are starting to renew and refresh with you as well, Annie – things are tough right now, but your posts a nd pictures do so much to keep so many peoples’ spirits up and I’m also grateful for that! Stay safe, stay strong, and take good care.
    P.S. for clarification: Annie, you will understand my water comment above, having grown up in the country, but others may not. Where I live in the country, we don’t have city water (mains); folks mostly have wells, above-ground holding tanks, or, for a very few like me, in-ground cisterns. When my father built this house in 1956, he and some friends dug the cistern. It holds about 4,000 gallons of water, most of which is run-off from the roof when it rains and when snow melts. We also have a shallow well (70 feet deep) that pumps water into the cistern. The cistern has three filters and we have a chorinator in the house that the water is pumped through before drinking. Needless to say, we are very conservative with our water use since we sometimes have dry spells. For us, rain is money in the bank. When we get low, we have water brought in (and another thing to be grateful for – our next-door neighbors haul water! Score!!) Just thought I’d clarify.

  2. Dear Annie,

    Hurray for not having to bug out! Hope you’ll get some rest now luv. Send our regards to your uncle: hats off to him!

    Lots of luv,

  3. Annie, I so enjoy reading your posts from here in New Zealand, its a window on another world to me. I’m so glad you are safe and surrounded by love and support. I am very safe here in NZ (no cases now)), but have very few relations here so kind of envious of your community. Stay well and keep us posted, literally!

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