How to Revive Mascara

I have never really been one to replace an item until it is completely used up. I see no point in spending money when one doesn’t have to.

When my black mascara decided to dry up I remembered a post I’d seen on Facebook about a hack that could revive it. You place the mascara bottle in a cup of hot water, wait a few moments, and the heat of the water softens the liquid back into a useable form.

I decided to try it. If I could stretch the bottle a bit longer I could save a bit of money while postponing a shopping trip.

It actually works! The mascara worked better than it ever had, coating my eyelashes extremely well. You have to use it promptly once you remove it from the water but I suspect that I’ll be able to delay this purchase for a month or longer. The only downside is that you have to warm the mascara each time you use it but with planning I can overcome the inconvenience.

One more purchase successfully delayed.

Do you know of any beauty hacks? Please share your tips in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How to Revive Mascara”

  1. I’ve done this and had weeks of mascara to use. I buy foundation in tubes so when it appears to be empty I cut the end of the tube off. I have gotten as much as 2 more weeks of foundation from that “empty” tube.

  2. The purchase of one lipstick brush will let you use every last bit of every tube of lipstick from then on.

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