How to Tenderize Meat Without a Gadget

This is one of the earlier posts that has been salvaged.  It was originally posted on September 24, 2009.

Meat tenderizer

If you have ever dealt with a tough piece of meat, you know it can be frustrating. The temptation is high to buy that hammer especially designed to tenderize that piece.

You don’t have to. In fact, you already have something in your kitchen that will tenderize that cut of meat just as well as a mallet. It’s called a plate.

Yes, the average run-of-the-mill ceramic plate. Turn it on it’s side and it becomes the perfect weapon against meat toughness!

I sprinkle my meat with a bit of tenderizer on each side before tapping it multiple times with the side of one of my plates. In the picture I use a saucer cause it’s smaller and easier for me to manage, but any type of plate or saucer will do, provided it’s solid and not plastic or paper. Then again, some of the more solid plastic plates may work as well!

Just whack on that tough piece of meat with the edge of a plate until you think it is good and tender all over. I enjoy taking out any frustrations so mine get beat up pretty bad, flipping mine over a couple of times just to make sure I’m done!

Remember whenever you think you need a new gadget – you may have something already at home that will already do the job, sometimes even better than that shiny new thingy at the store. One less thing cluttering up your drawers, and a bit more money in your pocket!


3 thoughts on “How to Tenderize Meat Without a Gadget”

  1. I use an actual hammer on chicken breasts to make them an even size and to tenderize them. However, I feel the need to put them into a plastic baggie first (which seems wasteful). I am going to try your plate method — then, just wash the plate.

    Thanks, Annie!

  2. Clever idea, Annie! And you are so right, there are a lot of things we already have that can be used as a substitute for that new gadget. When downsizing to move, I learned that much of what I had was unnecessary. Did I need that computer desk chair when I could sit on a kitchen chair? No. So I sold the desk chair. I got rid of a lot of stuff. Creativity is an essential part of simplicity.

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