How to Use Every Last Bit from a Tube

When I use something that is contained within a tube, I squeeze and squeeze to get the last bits out.  Toothpaste especially gets this treatment.

I have learned that when you can no longer squeeze anything else out that you can cut open the tube and access what is left within, in some cases it will be a sizeable amount.

I recently tossed a “finished” tube of toothpaste, so it will be a while before I can try this method.  Regardless, I thought it interesting enough to pass on. Those of you with expensive medication creams may save a considerable amount of money with this method.

You cut the end of the tube open and just start scooping the stuff out as needed. If you can’t reach any more, cut a little more off of the tube for better access until you have used everything that is in the container.  Store the unused portion in a plastic baggie or a small storage container to keep it fresh until you have used the very last bit it contains.  You paid for it—use it!

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