I Fixed it All By Myself!

Yeah, I’m ranting.  Frankly I’m proud of myself!

See that cutting board in the picture there?  Well I’ve had that cutting board for several years now and some time back it split right in two!

For a while I just used it as two separate little cutting boards but for things like cutting meat or kneading bread I really missed my ole’ board.

I could have bought a new board, but frankly I did not want to spend the money—those things aren’t cheap ya know…. so I just fixed this one!  A little bit of wood glue, a giant rubber band as an overnight clamp and my faithful cutting board is back in service!

Alas, the flip side isn’t is as good of shape as it used to be, the accident chipped a little of the wood from where the two pieces meet on that side, but this side is perfect!  I can still use the other side if I’m careful what I’m cutting…

So here I am, thumbing my nose at Corporate Amerika—I fixed it myself! I didn’t need to toss it and buy new like we’re told we have to nowadays.

What have you managed to fix yourself?  Send me your story and I will feature you here on this blog!

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