I love hypocrites!

I really think they are hilarious! It is so much fun to bait them and let them rant and rave like they are all that..

Religious hypocrites are the best. They go to church and all the other churchgoers think they are such good religious folk…

I know a lot of people like that. The druggies who can’t live without their fix but get praised on the church steps cause “they do so much” for God….

I know some who are gay, and yet have fits when someone discusses homosexuality around them – can we not say “the person doth protest too much?”

I know wife beaters, tax cheaters, thieves – all upstanding church citizens.

Just mention one person who finds happiness outside of church walls, and they get soo hostile, because they are SO much better than those who leave the church – all the while you can hear them puffing on their joint over the phone lol!

One uptight churchgoer I used to know had a roommate who was an open gay male. Just for kicks, I used to have the most gorgeous women go up to this man and ask him to go out just so they could record him saying he was happily living with his boyfriend… I even asked the dude about it myself and he admitted it!

Of course, the church-goer denies that his roommate is gay, and gets all upset at the questioning, even going out of his way to announce every place in the whole entire earth where he has had sex with all of these “women” (like “who cares?”).

Honestly, I have no respect for people like that, but they do amuse me.

It says in the Bible, to let your “yes” mean “yes” and your “no” mean “no.” It also says not to judge in there as well.

I have so much more respect for someone who is open and forthright about who and what they are about as opposed to those pretending to be someone they aren’t. So you’re a queer and u like to do drugs? Who gives a flying flip! Just be yourself, and if someone doesn’t like it, who cares?

What is the point in going to a church that shuns drug use and homosexuality if drug use and homosexuality are what u are really about? Why live a double life? Your church friends can’t come around cause they may smell the dope, but your druggie friends can’t come around either cause your church friends may see them!

What type of life is that?!?

Gosh, people – be yourself and tell the rest of the world to fuck off! If you think it is so wrong to whore around or do drugs – then quit doing them yourself before looking down at others!

What makes a person have such low self esteem that they think this group or that group is necessary for them to survive? If you’re worried about salvation consider this: Jesus hated hypocrites, and membership in a church is not going to help you if you aren’t practicing what you preach. Much better to be honest and forthright than lying and sneaky…

I know one guy who chats with me constantly about how he hates men who abuse women, yet he abuses his significant other constantly. Calls her stupid and dumb and threatens to kick her out constantly, then relents cause “she isn’t able to survive on her own cause she has mental issues”. Her offenses? She will disagree with him on something. For years I have wanted to tell her that she can escape, but she isn’t ready. She reminds me of myself when I didn’t think I could ever master something as big as an escape, much less living on my own. Oh yeah, this dude is a “real asset” to his church as well…

Do we see a pattern here? Are all church going people hypocrites? If so, count me out, cause it just makes me sick!

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