In Memory

A friend of my daughter’s has died. The police are calling it an attempted murder-suicide.

I don’t know what to believe.

The young man in question was my daughter’s close friend. He was a regular visitor in my home. Just the other day he came over. We sat and watched YouTube videos while we all laughed over dumb stuff.

This is the young man who would come over and shovel my sidewalk in the winter. He would pick us up and give us rides when he would see us walking. He would give my daughter a lift home from school when she had to stay over.

And now we have to watch him be vilified on the news and in gossip.

They don’t know about the young man with a passion for video games. The one who would play for hours with our dog. The kid who would call me mom and tease me because he couldn’t think of me by any other name. The youth who enjoyed showing me strange videos just to watch my reaction, who loved to sneak up on my daughter and startle her just for a laugh.

He might be gone now but, like my daughter, I will remember.

7 thoughts on “In Memory”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. And for the way the media is treating your friend. Everything is “just a story” to them as if real people are not involved. How dare they?

  2. Annie, I am so sorry to hear this. I wish for peace and healing for all who knew and cared for this young man.

  3. I am so sorry Annie & Katie. This is such a Beautiful tribute to him. My prayers are with you & your daughter and sending them up to her dear friend, too.

  4. Annie,
    So sorry for your loss. Your loss feels worse since it’s the life of a young person which is shocking. Sending prayers and light to both you and Katie.

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