Income Tax Refund Report

I spent $296 at the grocery store the day before my birthday. The kid seemed nervous at our barren pantry so I sorted it.

I’ll not have her skipping meals because she’s worried that I can’t afford it. Just because she can’t chip in towards the grocery expense right now doesn’t mean that I’ll let her starve.

The food should last us for quite a while; more than enough time for her to get back on her feet and find a job. In the meantime I’ll have a bit less to invest but I can deal with that.

Food comes first. I may not spend much on extras like eating out but I’ll not have us starving.

I allotted the grocery money from our income tax refund. Along with food I purchased toner for our printers (we were on our last cartridges), some file folders and assorted office supplies, a paper shredder to keep on track with office upgrades, washable puppy pads, and leakproof panties. The last two were purchased to eliminate the need to buy two particular consumables: puppy pads and pantiliners. Now that I have a washing machine I can eliminate that expense.

I paid my annual hosting fee on this website, set the money aside to purchase new eyeglasses, and sent the remainder of my refund to my brokerage account.

Even with helping the kid through her current challenge, I am still making progress towards my goals.

I am content with that.

How did you spend your income tax refund? Did you choose to save or invest any of it? Please share your stories in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Income Tax Refund Report”

  1. I don’t get refunds; I owe every year. šŸ™ I put money aside because I know I’m going to owe, and most years, I put aside too much. So it’s sort of like getting a refund, haha!

    1. I know the feeling! I owed each year back when I lived off of my book royalties. It’s a treat to receive a refund for a change.

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