It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune to Look Nice

The older I get the worse I look. My hair has started greying and things have started sagging that never sagged before. I’ve never really been self-conscious about the effects of aging but over time I noticed a difference; not in me, but in my customers.

While some of my customers appear to be ageless, others appear considerably older than they are simply due to the lack of care they give their appearance before they go out in public. Looking back on some of my older photos I realized with dismay that I was just as bad and resolved to find a way to improve myself.

But how? I’m not exactly a beauty guru and I didn’t want to spend a fortune either. I continued watching my customers as I searched for answers.

I quickly realized that regardless of social class, females my age can carry off a variety of simple wardrobe choices. Even an old, faded tee shirt can look nice when presented a certain way. While an old tee shirt and messy bun can scream slovenly, if you add a bit of cosmetics and a touch of bling that same outfit is elevated to a completely different level.

I had cosmetics already so that wasn’t an issue but bling? I hadn’t purchased jewelry for myself in years! I stopped wearing dangly things when my kids were babies since they liked to tug on them, then passed my collection along to friends so the items wouldn’t go to waste.

Undaunted, I started wearing cosmetics when I went out as I began searching for some budget-friendly bling. I wanted something cheap, timeless, and a bit dangly since I wear my hair up frequently. I eventually stumbled across some costume jewelry that had been placed on clearance. The simple hoops and studs met my needs without destroying my budget.

I’ve now clipped my nose hair, plucked my stray eyebrows, donned a bit of cosmetics, and added a bit of bling to my everyday wardrobe of jeans and tee shirts. Now, to my delighted surprise, I actually receive the occasional compliment as opposed to the indifference I’m accustomed to receiving so my self-confidence has received a boost as well.

Not a bad haul for the cost of a dollar and a little time!

What little things do you do to improve your appearance? Please share your stories in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune to Look Nice”

  1. You look great! Nice price on the bling.

    I recently turned 50 and was feeling kind of frumpy. I checked a book out from the library about looking better at any age, and it had some really helpful tips. The book gave advice about the best way to dress for your figure (I’m short and kind of lumpy). I tried out some of the recommendations, and it really made a difference. I looked better and occasionally received complements at work. I did end up parting with a few clothing items that were not quite right for my figure. Anyway, it’s nice to have a better idea of what clothing suits me best.

    1. I’ll have to see if I can locate a copy of that book. Sounds like an interesting read!

  2. You look pretty. I have fallen into the same rut. I try to remember to wear makeup and jewelry and wear comfy shoes as opposed to grungy looking sneakers.

    1. I am the world’s worst for dressing for comfort instead of appearance, so I feel ya!

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