Katie’s Prom

My daughter’s growing up. It’s hard to believe that she is 18 and on the verge of graduating high school. She even has a boyfriend now. He’s leaving for the Army in a few months so he’s resolved to spend as much time with Katie as possible before he leaves. He even gave her a promise ring this weekend.

Here are some photos of them at Prom the other evening.

I am in awe of her beauty, of how wonderful they both look in these photos. I am in awe of how quickly she has grown up. It seems like yesterday I started blogging as I searched for a way to be the best mother I could be; to spend the most time I could with her while she grew up.

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it’s been ten years since my very first post on that very first blog. What’s next? This can’t be all there is in life. I’ve spent the last 28 years focused on raising my children…what do I do now?

I’ll figure something out. I always do. In the meantime I’ve something else to focus on: how did someone so beautiful come from a woman as ugly as me? 😀

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Prom”

  1. Wonderful, hope you had a blast Katie!
    As pretty as your mom. Good genes luvvie:).

    And this is for Katie’s boyfriend: you looked amazing too. Come home from the army unharmed honey; take care!

    Annie: our only child graduates from highschool this june. So you and I will just have to keep each other busy online, what else can we do;).

    Take care luv,

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