Keeping Busy

It’s been a chaotic week. I’ve been focused on gratitude, so it ended up being a magical week with some fascinating things taking place.

Just as Katie and I were finishing a cup of coffee before we began the process of transferring her car into her name, Katie received a panicked call from her husband. The shippers had decided to change the pickup date for her car to that day and wanted to pick it up immediately.

Katie told her husband to cancel the shipment. It would leave them several days without a car, and she wasn’t having it.

“I’ll have it shipped after we get moved,” she told her husband. “Mom can use it in the meantime.”

To say I was startled would be an understatement! I’d been walking and hitching rides to work since her husband had arrived. While I’d looked at a few cars locally (and discussed acquiring an unused car (translation: it’s been parked for a while) from a family member) nothing had clicked, so I had spent these past few weeks telling myself that the perfect vehicle would come to me in the perfect way. Could this be it? I wondered silently.

This was how I ended up taking my daughter and son-in-law to the airport a few nights later. I was to have full use of the car until she got things sorted on her end for a return trip to retrieve it.

She texted me her first full day in California:

<Hey, mom. Would you like to buy the Green Bean? I’ll sell it to you for what I have in it.>

She took the money I transferred to her and bought an SUV that very same day.

I honestly believe that I attracted the situation. I like the car; it’s the only station wagon like it in the area. An older classic, it suits me perfectly well, and I enjoy the process of fixing up older cars. Even better, we both benefited from the situation. She got what she put into the car back and I acquired the transportation I desired for my personal game plan.

While I was sad to see my beloved Katie go, I decided to focus upon the empty bedroom she left behind. When I would arrive home after work, instead of dwelling upon her absence I painted.

Here is a short video of the progress I’ve made thus far:

I have to work in the morning so after tidying my house and doing laundry I kicked back with a book to enjoy the rest of my day. I’ll tinker on the room some more tomorrow.

Since I am starting a new era in my life I am considering making a change to how I blog as well. Instead of just writing, I’m thinking about posting some videos as well. What do you think? Would you like to watch me ramble on occasion?


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9 thoughts on “Keeping Busy”

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but as I read your blog, I always imagine what you sound like. Probably the reverse of picturing what someone on the radio looks like. I love your voice. It has a honeyed sound to it. Almost like I could picture you telling stories on your front porch to rapt listeners. So yes, please post more videos.

    1. Why, thank you Chris! I almost didn’t post it; I was worried about my accent. Thank you so much for the reassurance! I appreciate you!

  2. I rarely watch videos so I appreciate people who publish text along with a video. But, I realize that takes more work so I encourage you to do what is right for you and let us do what is right for us.

  3. Sure I think adding short videos to your blog posts is a great idea. It would also make your material easier to share as today a lot of people are more likely to watch a video than read an article when it is recommended to them by a friend. As a whole, I think blogging, or at least the people reading blogs is on a decline with more people preferring to watch video blogging (vblogs) as time goes on, so I can see a mix of blog posts and videos being a good way to branch out to reach more people.

  4. Good job and yes, I would add some videos as well. I, too, imagined what you sounded like. Good voice, if nervous that will fade I imagine. Keep up the good work.

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