Kentucky’s Current Coronavirus Epicenter

On March 6, 2020, my town received some disturbing news: Kentucky’s first Coronavirus patient was a resident of our area.

The tragic part of this is, due to the draconian screening methods used, this person was refused the test for Coronavirus and sent home initially. Given her place of employment, we suspect she worked at her job until she returned as the symptoms continued. Once again, she did not meet the testing criteria. By that point, however, she was so ill that they sent her to UK Medical Center in Lexington, where she was finally allowed to be tested for Coronavirus. She tested positive. Based upon reports from the family, she is currently on a ventilator.

Here is the statement our local hospital released concerning their attempts to properly diagnose her:

Our town is in an uproar. We live in a small town, so we know who she is and where she worked. We also doubt that the store in question properly sanitized her workplace after she was diagnosed. The place certainly didn’t shut down. Here is a statement from the store in question:

As a result of this, our area now has one doctor, one Physician’s Assistant, at least one nurse, a number of hospital staff, and some family members currently in quarantine:

Given the fact that we are a town with approximately 6,300 residents, this has significantly impacted our area’s ability to provide for those in need of medical care.

Our local leaders have been wonderful. Schools have been closed and all public gatherings discouraged. That said, I am furious at the United States government for this.

You see, Trump has stated that he wants to keep the number of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases low:

How better to keep them low than by not allowing people to be tested?

And how ‘nice’ it would be for our governmental leaders if our disabled and elderly were to die, because if they die, the US government will no longer have to pay Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to support these people in their Golden years and through their time of need?

Think about it. An illness hits the United States that primarily targets the elderly and the physically compromised. That demographic is typically unable to work or have already retired. What better way for our government to reduce how much it pays out in those dreaded ‘entitlement’ payments than to allow an illness like that to run rampant? After all, it’s ‘only killing old people,’ as so many have stated.

Even worse, our nation allowed a family from our area, a family who lived in Hong Kong, to come to our area when COVID-19 hit Hong Kong without placing them into quarantine. Our little town is incensed at the US government’s carelessness to the point that the local paper, who ran a front-page article when the family arrived, posted this statement on Facebook:

I do not know if it was a coincidence that this woman and her family arrived here from Hong Kong just a few weeks before our first case was diagnosed. I do not know if she happened to shop at the place our first official victim of Coronavirus worked. I do know that it is a very small town with a limited number of stores, so this is a definite possibility. I also know that it is possible that her and her family were asymptomatic carriers. They may have introduced it to our area without even realizing it:

I am not faulting this family if that was the case. I am not faulting the poor woman who may have had to work while ill, because in this area, you are forced to work unless you are half-dead.

And apparently you are not allowed to be tested for this new thing unless you’re half dead as well, since Trump wants to keep our numbers down.

I feel so bad for the woman who is currently on a ventilator at the UK Medical Center in Lexington. I feel so bad for those who are currently in quarantine. I feel horrible for the family who may have unwittingly introduced this infection among our populace. They will never know if they did and I am certain that will weigh upon their conscience.

This makes me wonder even more if my grandson had the virus but wasn’t allowed to be tested. It makes me wonder if I had a mild case, and wonder if my friends who have presented similar symptoms were infected as well. It makes me wonder just how far the United States has fallen, that they care so little for their population that they are allowing an illness that has proven deadly to the elderly and disabled run rampant. We live in a nation where one of our reporters has actually suggested that this disease should be given to everyone, after all:

Please protect your elderly. Check on them to make certain they have what they need. I have no doubts that they are watching the news with growing horror, knowing that our government is hoping that they will die.

And if you pray, please pray that our first official victim lives, and that our national government receives enough pressure to start testing more people. There have only been ten people tested in our state so far, which is absolutely ridiculous.

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  1. I work at a Family Dollar and whether they say they’re frightened or not, they all want the same things; sanitizer, bleach and Lysol. Unfortunately, the health department’s supplies were taken by the government and also taken at the distributors so the health department had to buy most of ours. That means the common folk are shit outta luck. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when worse things pop up? No, this is nothing to be taken lightly but I’m sure that worse things are in the works if this doesn’t do the depopulation job it’s supposed to.

    1. I’m waiting to see what happens when more cases are confirmed. Where are we gonna put them? And how are they going to quarantine everyone those next cases came into contact with? As a cashier, you’ve doubtless rubbed elbows with half the town, so what does that mean for you? I’m thinking about all of this and more today. All we can do is ‘keep calm and carry on.’

  2. Dear Annie,

    It’ not (just) the USA luv, treating its citizens this way, and I don t think it’s all that intentional either. But people (politicians included) like to prevent mass panic and keep thinking everything is managable, even if it obviously isn’t.
    Italy has just gone into lockdown. That’s 60,6 milion (!) people in quarantine. Some are allowed to go to work, but all schools, universities, sports clubs etc. have closed down. “Real” weddings and funerals with a crowd are no longer allowed (any gathering of people really).

    The Netherlands (were I live) will undoubtedly follow suit at some point. Lots of Dutch people went to Italy after the virus exploded there. Why?? Well, they were told it wasn’t all that serious and the were more than happy to believe that. Worse still: to this very hour Dutch citizens are allowed to return home from Italy, without being put into an official quarantine!!!! My town has been flooded with 900 (!!!) university students that figured it would be fun to go skiiing in Northern Italy, and the governement did not stop them when they returned. This scares me shitless, and if you guys never hear from me again: well, you know what happened..

    Here ‘s the good news: the virus itself is not particulalrly deadly, IF the few patients who fall severly ill get treated straight ayway in IC-units for approximatley 2-3 weeks. And that’s why things went belly up in Italy: the virus basically only just started to spread (just 10.000 cases on a population of 60,0 million) and already they have run out of the right kind of ICunits. People with completely unrelated conditions and Corona-patients alike therefor now go untreated. That’s what’s doing people in for, not the virus itself. As said, Covid-19 is actually very treatable. It’s disorganisation, lack of testing and quarantine and the immense pressure on the health care-system that makes it deadly.

    Please try and stay safe Annie, and all of you luvvies out there.
    Let’s keep each other posted shall we? Something tells me the info we share here is way more reliable than any official governmental website.

    Take care and lots of love,

    1. Thank you, Carolina. We will all get through this, but I suspect it will get much worse before it gets better.

    1. I have very little faith in our Federal Government at this point, Deb. That said, the governors in each state have really stepped up to the plate. I am proud of them.

      Hang in there, my friend.

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