Law of Attraction Strikes Again

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk to the Riverfront.

We had a wonderful time, and I planned to go to PetSmart and grab some things before heading home, but when we got back to the van, I noticed the back drivers side tire was very low.

Normally stuff like that would annoy me, but I had a feeling it was for the best, telling myself there is a reason that we are supposed to go straight home to air the tire.

On the way home, I decide to instead stop at a gas station and air up the low tire instead of going home and hunting for the air pump. There were two gas stations ahead.

I had never stopped at either station in the past, so I had no preference. Logic would have indicated I stop at the first station to air the tire as soon as possible, but for some reason I went on to the second station.

As I pulled in I saw the air pump. When I pulled in beside it, I realized something surprising, IT WAS ALREADY RUNNING. I hopped out and started airing the tire. Just as I finished, the pump clicked off.

I stared at the machine in astonishment. It was one of those pay machines, you put in 75 cents and get three minutes of air. Nothing special about it at all.

If one were to calculate the odds of happening upon a row of gas stations, picking just the right one that just happened to have just enough time left on the machine to air up a low tire, I do believe they would be quite astronomical. To answer the inevitably question: no I saw no one at the air machine before or as I pulled in.

There can be only one word for it: Attraction.

Somehow I attracted just the correct set of events to get the tire aired up as simply and quickly as possible.

There are times when I really want to write stuff like this off as coincidence, but frankly it happens too often for me to do so. I wish I knew how to calculate odds on what happened yesterday, I would love to know what the odds are against something like that happening.

I love this life. I don’t understand why so many want to leave it. There is an incredible power out there, just waiting for people to learn about and use, and most don’t know it exists.

Life has become an adventure again. Each day I can barely contain my excitement, wondering what new thing is going to happen.

I wish I could tell others about this, but I don’t think my family and friends would believe it.

I believe however, and that is all that matters.

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