Life in Paducah, Kentucky

My kid was bored this morning.  You know, the type of bored where nothing appeals to them.

We grabbed our laptops and headed to the McCracken County Public Library! She got to play video games, watch some television, check out a couple of movies and books all while Mom worked on her articles and blogs.

When she got tired of wandering around she sat beside me and quietly played her Webkins for a while before requesting that we relocate to the fountain across the street.

I was still able to connect even there so she enjoyed splashing in the fountain and talking to the squirrels so abundant there.  Eventually she begged to ride the Trolley to the Riverfront, so here we are.

Katie is happily splashing in the river while I sit happily under a tree typing away in the sunshine.  An older lady just walked by with a beautiful collie, and Katie is walking back over to check in.

Part of me would love to live near the Trolley route so that we could hop the trolley and go to the Library or the Riverfront whenever we desired.  We actually live a couple of miles away from here, so to make it to the Riverfront using public transportation would mean hopping a bus at Wal Mart South to either the bus station at Harrison Street or the library, then switching to the Trolley to go to the Riverfront.

The bike rack in front of the Library makes me think about the bike I have at home. I may see about loading my laptop up and pedaling to the library for a change of scenery while I write. At the very least I could pedal to Wally world and hop the bus there.

I have spent so many years staying at home to save money because we did not live in a town that had public transportation—didn’t even have a library worth visiting very often because of the tiny selection of books! We would take long walks only to have people look at us strange cause we weren’t in a car…

The lack of sidewalks was the saddest part of my previous life.

I love the easy availability of books, music and videos.  I love the stores, even if I don’t buy much.  I adore the sidewalks, the people, the ability to go somewhere even if it is just to the park, you know? All of it available at little or no cost.

Yes you can save money in the country, but at what cost to a single parent? Limited access to so many things that give one pleasure!

Perhaps there is a way to have a happy medium somewhere, somehow. My lot rent is cheap enough where I live on the outskirts, so if I stayed within reasonable distance of the public transportation system I could access it easily enough with a brief walk or bike ride but still have the tranquility of a somewhat country life. The best part is having ready access to things that give me pleasure: walking, exploring, reading—surfing the Internet (I’m incorrigible). With the Paducah public hot spot I can just come down here and work online should I desire to get out of the house.

In other words I want to have my cake and eat it too!  I want an uber cheap life with all of the things I enjoy doing! I guess I have that now, but I’m just not where I want to be yet.

That’s okay.  It gives me something to shoot for.

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