Living Frugal

Today I washed whites first thing and hung them out in the sunshine to dry and brighten. It is such a pleasant view, watching those cloths swaying in the wind and sunshine, knowing that God’s own sunshine and wind is drying my laundry.

It costs nothing to hang them out, but money to put them in the dryer.  I like hanging them out.

I have taken the guinea pig cage and made them a small outside pen.  This way they can eat their fill of clover and grasses in safety.  They have shade and water with all the greenery they can eat! There are two benefits to letting them eat outside: less food I have to purchase for them (they prefer the greenery) and a cage I don’t have to clean because it is outside on the ground.

Also the more clover they eat the less I have to mow in the puppy run.?

It is supposed to be pretty today and tomorrow so I plan to leave them outside but bring them in tomorrow evening before the rain starts on Friday. I figure if I leave them out on the pretty days that should reduce my food and wood chip bill considerably in the summer. Eventually I plan to build them an outside pen where they can stay outside a lot more and have more room. When I was a kid my father built one for my pet guinea pig—she loved it!

I have been drinking a lot of water lately. Partly because of the benefits I have read about and partly because I’m not in the mood to spend money on soft drinks. I’m not sure if it is the warm weather or the water but I am waking up easier and earlier in the mornings now!

I have been riding my bike the 4.3 miles to the Riverfront and working there sometimes on pretty days. I’m going to take a couple days off however because somehow I have developed a stone bruise on the bottom of my foot!

About a quarter of the cantaloupe is left—I enjoy eating it for breakfast but I’m always still hungry afterward.  Today I made a peanut butter sandwich to eat with it.  That helped a lot!

Anyhow, I need to get back to work.  There are dishes to wash, floors to vacuum and articles to write.  Have a nice day!

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