Living Large at a Traffic Light

Last night I found myself headed to the store when a rockin‘ song from the 1980’s came on the radio. “I Can’t Hold Back” by none other than Survivor.

Such a rocking song! I found myself jamming to the beat, drumming on the dashboard, singing along and “banging my head” just having a blast while I cranked that poor stereo on the van!

Katie, of course wasn’t too happy that her mom was absorbed in a jam session so she started to look around in boredom at her mother’s way of dealing with being stuck at a stop light with her favorite tune on the radio.

That was when she noticed them.

The neighboring car had seen my enthusiastic appreciation of the Survivor tune and were laughing their butts off at my antics. They even had their cellphone out.. and they weren’t talking on it!

I smiled and waved, and kept on jamming as the light finally turned green. They laughed in amusement and waved back. We were going different directions, so I may never see them again, but the knowledge that I made someone laugh was just too enjoyable NOT to share!

Life is too short to take it seriously. When you hear a favorite song – enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about what others think – you may unknowing give someone a laugh they desperately needed!


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