Morning Ritual

Back in the early days of my writing career I began a small morning ritual. I would wake up, snag my cup of coffee, and knock out however many articles I needed to write that day in order to achieve my desired income for the week.

Once I finished writing my daily quota of articles I was free to pursue my day.

That small routine forced me to do the work I needed to do in order to survive. Even better, the habit forced me not to procrastinate.

Times have changed since those very early days. I no longer rely on content producing to pay my bills. Instead, I spend a portion of my time each week at a public job that meets my financial needs. As a result, it has become far too easy to allow my writing to be pushed aside.

That will stop with this new year. Every single morning I intend to write a single blog post as I sit down with my morning cup of Joe.

Just one post.

I can do one post.

A single post, written every day, will result in 365 posts on this website by the end of the year. That will allow me to achieve my writing goal for 2019.


What small routine can you incorporate into your life with this new year that will take you closer to achieving your goals? Please share your stories in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Morning Ritual”

  1. Yea! I check your blog every day for a new post so I am glad you are committing to writing a daily post.

    I have an on-going to-do list. My small step is to do just one thing on the list each day. Well, most days.

  2. To be honest I normally take the first week to month of the new year to deeply reflect upon what I want to accomplish in the new year and the best way to go about it. I find that way too many new year’s resolutions tend to be made in haste or based upon whatever self improvement fad is in at the moment. By delaying I find that I tend to be more thoughtful and likely to follow through. Lately instead of having “set goals” I have been leaning toward a few areas that I want to focus on. Hence while I wrote and published a book last year one of my focus areas of the year was creating things of value which in my case was photography and writing. This year I would like to continue to focus on my writing, ideally a second book but I am still undecided as to what I want to write about this time around.

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