Moving On

Going back to work has been a surprising success. While I still have my issues I have discovered that I am able to cope for the most part and bury my secret breakdowns in my pillow at night. Even now I am worried that I will be discovered as a fraud and a brain damaged failure.

Even so, during the day I am still working towards my goals. Bit by bit I am catching up on my rent but in a way that allows me to have a little money to spare for other projects. I’ve been broke for far too long so I have to cut myself a bit of slack in the finance department.

For the record, I’ve officially written off the past two years as a wash. I learned the hard way that there is no real safety net in the United States for those who truly need it. Because of that, I intend to continue building my own safety net through my writing. Unlike the government programs that promise to be there, my book royalties are an income source that I know I can count on. It may not be a fortune, but at least it is real.

While I could probably fight and receive some money for the past two years I would rather spend my time recovering and planning for the future instead of chasing some pie-in-the-sky dream. I would rather do the simplest work than sit on my butt crying ‘woe is me’ to collect a check. I don’t need a lot of money to live here so if I continue to work towards my goals I should be just fine.

I hope so, at any rate.

Have you ever had to make a similar decision? Please share your stories in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. Smart of you to make the decision to move on and forward, Annie. You are right, there is no safety net for many in the USA and, unlike countries like Denmark, we sure don’t have a cradle to grave safety net. With the increasing ability of technology and artificial intelligence supplanting many humans in jobs, we really need to look to creating an unconditional universal basic income. Keep on writing, Annie, because that is your safety net!

  2. It is such a shame that you are forced to go back to work because the safety net in this country is so flawed. You should still be able to get disability while working part time. At least in blue states you can. I know red states are much stricter with any kind of assistance. Don’t give up. You have earned it and deserve it. They are banking on you giving up. That is why they make it so hard to get. Good luck to you.

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Ann! While I don’t know how things will work out I am hopeful that I can move beyond my injury. Fingers crossed!

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