Notes to your Future Self

Katie and I started a little tradition when we defrosted our refrigerator for the first time several years ago. We didn’t know how long it had been since we had defrosted it so sensing an opportunity we each wrote little notes to our future selves (Katie even left herself a gift) and stuck them in the back of the freezer for the next round.

My last note was dated April 16, 2016. In laborious chicken scratch, I told myself that “life sucks but it will get better.”

It definitely has!

So now the time as come to write myself another note. I think I’ll write more in this next one. In the meantime I have a nice, clean, defrosted refrigerator to enjoy.


Have you ever written a note for your future self to discover later? Please share your stories in the comments below.

One thought on “Notes to your Future Self”

  1. I had written a list of Goals I wanted to accomplish. Some seemed so out of reach when I wrote them. I found the list around 6 years later and had accomplished 8 of the 10 goals on the list. It was a nice surprise.

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