Packing for the big move

Friday we paid the deposits for the utilities. Saturday we gathered some boxes from local merchants and began packing.

I am amazed at the bulk of stuff two people can possess. It is just amazing to look at, especially with the knowledge that we possessed SO MUCH more before we started downsizing a few years ago.

Katie now has a futon for her room, just an inexpensive foam one for present. She is delighted at the fact that she no longer has to deal with her oversized bed. I am delighted at the fact she will no longer be able to hide masses of trash and clutter under her bed!

Right now she is kinda using it like a chaise-lounge. I am debating on the purchase of a futon chair frame from ikea for her. It may be better to teach her how to put it away and get her a beanbag chair or a papasan chair for use while she plays.

We decided to eliminate the dresser from our lives as well. Katie has a dresser built into her bedroom and I haven’t owned a dresser in years and honestly don’t want the burden of one now. The bed and the dresser are awaiting pickup hopefully today.

I have figured out a way to create a custom futon shiki-futon (futon mattress) that would actually be washable compared to the ones that you can purchase. Purchase or make a futon cover in the size you desire (mine will be twin since I’m single), then purchase a couple of those washable mattress pads or pillowtops. Layer those pads one on top of the other, and insert in the futon cover and voila! A washable futon. You can increase or decrease the thickness depending upon your comfort and preference by adding or removing layers inside the futon cover. When you wish to wash your futon, simply take the whole thing apart and toss in the washer! May take a few loads, but that is a world better than those futons that you cannot wash, especially for those of us who are clean freaks or have allergies!.

We are really hoping that the couch and loveseat are sold, for after we get situated we will purchase a futon frame for the futon mattress I am sleeping on now to use as a couch/sleeper in the living room, then I will make a smaller futon for my room. The smaller size will be easier to put away during the day, and it will be wonderful to be able to wash it at will or adjust the thickness! This current futon mattress is solid cotton, and about eight years old but in excellent shape. Plan to get a cover for it and add some thickness with mattress pads when we get time.

Last night I dreamed of our new home. It wasn’t fully decorated, but a lot had been done. The walls were an eggshell white, and all the trim was done in black, with a few oriental pieces on the walls. There was an oriental-themed wallpaper in a couple of spots for accent, and our furniture was set up just so. It looked so peaceful!

Once I get in I will post pictures of how it looks now, and pictures of progress as we decorate. This is getting done on a shoestring so it may take a while!

Well, we still have lots more to pack, so time to get back to work!

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