Last night, I did something rare. I washed the dishes before retiring.

Usually whatever dishes in the sink are obliged to wait until after breakfast in the morning, but perhaps it would be more cheery to wake up to a clean kitchen instead of a cluttered one?

Perhaps if I change my routine, wash dishes twice a day instead of once life may actually become simpler, despite seeming like more work?

One benefit would be that I would not have to wash certain items before cooking breakfast in the morning, such as my measuring cup, spatula or skillet. That would save time in morning preparation, as I do not wish to have more pots and pans than I actually need.

I’m going to try it for a few days and see what happens. It definitely cannot hurt, and would be a great habit to start.


This morning I opened my shoebox looking for something different to wear besides the crocs I’ve trooped around in all summer.

Within the box I found four pair of dress shoes, a pair of hightop sneakers, some croc clogs for winter, a flipflop missing it’s mate and an old pair of sandals that were still sound but had definitely seen better days.

My first thought was that I needed to watch the summer clearance racks for another pair of shoes until it hit me – how many shoes does one person need? Considering the fact that you can only wear one pair at a time, my current collection seems a bit much already!

In the end I continued to wear the crocs, and pledged to see if I could make the old sandals look a touch better. Why should I purchase more shoes when I don’t hardly wear what I have?

Oh, yes. I tossed the lone flipflop.

Small Steps of Progress

The knives weren’t as bad as I thought. There were only 2 that needed to be stored. The rest was composed of rubber spatulas I don’t ever use, some wooden spoons and miscellaneous items. All but one of the spatulas went into storage. If I don’t use the one in six months, they may all get tossed.

With the two gadgets out of the way, enough space was freed in the overhead cabinets to store some more of my overflow. Two boxes of tissues, some chewing gum, and my commercial sized roll of aluminum foil, which will come back in use after I use up the regular roll I have had for – well, since before I bought the commercial roll of aluminum foil, and I’ve had it since last fall!

I can actually see progress now. There is a large empty space on the top of the refrigerator, hooray! All the top contains now are the onions, the plastic wrap, and the small roll of foil. The papers attached to the front of the refrigerator are now placed in my binder for storage, where they look much better. I need to go through that clutter trap attached to the side of the fridge, but I’ll save that for another day.

Dinner tonight will be leftovers. I have some chicken salad from the other day that needs to be eaten. My daughter will not be pleased, but it is a shame to waste good food. Found my freezer bags, so some chicken thighs and legs will be placed in the freezer before the day is through.

I am really beginning to believe that Gregory Paul Johnson is onto something when he talks about outsourcing our lives more. Read his book “Put Your Life on a Diet” to see what I mean.

Think about it: I’m a single mom of one, and when I cook, a lot of times a lot is wasted. Is there a way to have food at home for just the two of us that is not only economical, but not so wasteful of time, resources, storage space, and energy? I don’t want to eat out every night, but most meals are for at least four people, and our two is just not cutting it. While I don’t mind leftovers they do get old on a regular basis.

While I could get a larger refrigerator or a small deep freeze and freeze the leftovers, that does not seem like a frugal solution to the issue. The goal is to have less to care for, not more – and this small refrigerator helps me to control my spending on perishables. I can’t purchase it if there’s no place to put it! This also gives me incentive to use up what my refrigerator or freezer contains rather than shop for more.. encouraging me to save money…

Some things that I use a lot of like flour, butter and bleach may be good to keep a surplus of, but I honestly do NOT need to keep so much of EVERYTHING!

It will come with time.

Paring Down the Kitchen

Breakfast was homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, all from scratch. An inexpensive yet filling meal, one of the few that my daughter actually likes in this picky stage she is in….

My tub of flour is going down steadily. Part of me wants to use it all up then buy another large bag of flour, but I have been working on this last large bag for over a year, so do I really need quite that much? Can I perhaps pare down how much flour I buy? I must admit that of all my kitchen staples, flour gets used the most, for I bake homemade bread and dinner rolls, so I am torn. Perhaps I should at least move the flour to a smaller container until I decide?

Instead of lemonade, I have made another small dent in the giant tub of sugar by making some kool-aid instead. Another package of kool-aid bites the dust. I probably have over fifty packages of the stuff in my pantry. All for myself and one ten-year-old little girl.

I buy new things to try, and the old stuff stays stashed. If I like something, it gets purchased in bulk whenever there is a sale, without thought of how long it will take us to use it. On the occasions where I manage to resist the urge to stock up prices have skyrocketed, which acts as an encouragement to continue stocking up, but this chaos is driving me insane. I will corral this chaos however. One step at a time.

Within my cabinets I have a small deep fryer and an automatic can opener. Housewarming gifts from friends that simply do not get used. Today I plan to take those items out of my cabinets and place them in my storage building outside until I figure out what to do with them. I live near Paducah KY – does anyone have any ideas?

Also I will go through that bucket of knives and place some of the extras in storage. I don’t know if I can part with them yet, but getting them out of sight may help with the emotion part of it.

I know – I’m getting emotional over knives I never use. Dumb, huh? Not so much the knives – but the thought of needing them someday and not having them. The feeling will pass.

I hope.

Does anyone have some simple fried rice recipes to share? Or any rice recipes at all that a kid would like? I’ve thought about broccoli casserole to use up some of the rice and some broccoli I have stuffed in my freezer, but have yet to locate a tasty sounding recipe. Thanks!


Sometimes the Law of Attraction is about following hunches.

I’m following another one. I started another blog about simplifying my lifestyle. Just uploaded a couple of pictures from my kitchen stash on there. Perhaps I’ll gather some new ideas on how to organize and simplify things.

Not only that, but by organizing and simplifying I will be happier as well, enabling me to better concentrate on the more good things I wish to attract.

Not quite sure how it will all tie in, but I’ll figure it out!

The Goal

Okay, just wanted to clarify the goal here.

The goal is not to buy more stuff to care for the stuff I have. Some things, like a magnet to hold my knives would be wonderful, but I have been unable to locate one locally. I would purchase one of those if I knew where to purchase it for it would not only help to organise, but it would be used for some time.

The goal is to have less, and to figure out how to deal with what I have and perhaps use it up better and to keep from buying so much in the future.

Thanks for all of your help!

The Kitchen

We recently moved into a 12×60 mobile home. It is two bedroom, but one of the bedrooms is quite small.

The kitchen is an average older trailer kitchen, with some cabinetry, but not too much, and a closet converted into a pantry.

Everything is stuffed, and the shelves are overflowing. I have Rubbermaid storage containers filled with large bags of rice, popcorn, flour, beans and other miscellaneous foodstuffs.

Told you that I’m a packrat.

I have a small bucket filled with kitchen knives, wooden spoons and other small gadgets. My cabinets are filled with food, dishware and other items.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen just hanging out, but there is so much stuff in there I am becoming distressed.

I need help to figure out how to make this work, to make it simpler while I use down these staples, and support to not purchase quite so much in the future.

Can you help me?

My Journey to Simplicity

As a single mother, things have not always been plentiful. Add to that some unpleasant experiences from the past, and you create a packrat.

I am that packrat.

Several years ago during a rough spot in my life, engrossed in pain and self-loathing I began to throw stuff away. Enough stuff to almost fill the dumpster near my apartment.

Then came the epiphany. I felt better with less stuff. A lot better.

Since then I have researched both on and offline about a simpler life. I have also given and tossed a lot more things.

Yes, I would be better helping the environment by donating these items, but my first attempts weren’t exactly thought out – they came from a need to have less surrounding me, suffocating me.

Not only do I need to have less stuff, but I need to learn how to control this urge, this drive within me to constantly stock up, just in case. It is just me and a kid, how much stuff do we need?

Do I really need to buy a bulk of paper towels when we may use ten rolls in a year? Do I really benefit from that purchase of dozens of notebooks at five cents each that are now mouldering in my building outside? How many things does one small family need?

This is where I stand. I am in hopes that you, my reader will become my therapist and aid me on this journey to peace and simplicity.

What Do You REALLY Want?

I adore the Law of Attraction. I have used it to attract many things. However, one thing has stumped me for a bit.

Back when I first started working with the Secret I put the request forward that I wanted to have enough money to be a stay-at-home mother for at least a while until my daughter was older.

Next thing you know, I’ve got a job working at home.

Great! But I wanted financial security, and I had a hunch to start playing the lottery. So I started playing.

I focused on that, and nothing happened.


As things became frustrating in my work at home job, I unwittingly put the request forward to not have to work, to just be a mom at home.

Next thing I know, I’m unemployed.

I had asked for other things, like the home I am living in that to my amazement waltzed into my life, as well as other things.

But I had that hunch about the lottery, and I kept focusing on it, instead of the original request; to have enough financial security to just be a stay at home mom for a time until my daughter was older…

Amazingly, I have won a couple of small prizes from the Powerball. Once I put out the intention that I would win by the end of a certain month, and on the very last drawing of the month I won but not the jackpot.

I love this life. I want to continue. I adore being able to keep the home clean and relax in the bathtub listening to Dvorak breathing in the relaxing lavender scents…

I am doing something wrong. I think it is a matter of focus, for perhaps I am focusing on the hunch instead of the original request…

So now I am going to follow the hunch, but work more on the original request. Gratitude about how I am living my life today, and a desire to continue living my life just this exact way, with plenty of money to go around.

I am still going to follow my hunch, but I’m not going to worry about it so much. It is only a hunch, not the original request.

After several months of misplaced focus, it will definitely be an adjustment, but that’s okay.

Sometimes you have to evaluate your requests and make sure you are asking for what you REALLY want.

I need to do that..


Another Book

These past several weeks have found me wandering the aisles at the local bookstores, yet finding nothing of interest.

Yesterday I went to Office Depot to have a book rebound, and went next door to the bookshop to just wander about.

At first I thought about buying a novel, but something inside urged me to set it aside and keep looking.

Look I did, but I was not sure what for. Over the racks I browsed after setting my initial choice aside, following a feeling.

A book caught my eye I had wanted to examine. I picked it up, leafed through it thinking perhaps this is what I was to see? It wasn’t the one, so I placed it back on the shelf.

Then I saw it. Jammed between scores of books on the exact same subject. The Book.

I had seen this book previously yet passed it by, but this time I knew I had to take it home.

It is the Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction. Why I was not attracted to it in the past I cannot say, for I have held it in my hands and returned it to the shelf several times without a feeling at all concerning it, but yesterday I knew I had to purchase the volume.

Since bringing it home last night – I wish I could explain. I have been reading it, digesting it. It contains what I need to increase my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, of this Secret.

I have good feelings about this.

Life is about to become even more magical than it already is…

I love this life!

The perfect person

I have put in the hands of Attraction that I would like to meet the person who is the one for me. Within days my ex-boyfriend came back in my life, and has been coming over quite regularly. This was quite surprising.

While I do not know if he is the one that is meant for me, I do know that if he is not he will fade away and I will not feel loss from the absence. That is good, regardless of the ending.

While I watch this surprising development, I have decided to work on being more minimalistic, in order to promote more peace and tranquility in my life. The happier and more peaceful my home life is, the more I can work toward attracting more peace and tranquility.

As such, the kitchen is on its way, and I am thinning out the living room once again. Some would say that I don’t have enough stuff, but I still feel that I have too much, for it is a burden to clean and arrange, much less move should I decide to relocate again.

Also, if I’m to attract the perfect person in my life, I have to make room for him, don’t I?

Following a hunch

When you become closer to the Universal Mind, sometimes you get hints, or hunches that guide you in interesting ways…

Like the hunch to move to a house that didn’t really suit us.. but across the street moved a lady who had a mobile home for sale that did – a mobile home whose layout is strangely similar to the one I placed on my vision board then removed some time ago. A mobile home which I now own free and clear!

I have learned the hard way not to ignore hunches for whatever reason, so when I got the hunch that we needed a water filter for the new place I followed it and got a Pur water pitcher for us…

Since the purchase we have all been drinking glass upon glass of water. Even the guinea pig is drinking more water.

I began to research a bit on the benefits of water drinking, and found an interesting link. Apparently the Japanese have a certain method of drinking water on an empty stomach that is supposed to cure a lot of ills. With The Secret we don’t need such things, but it was an interesting read. The link is no longer active, unfortunately, so I’m unable to share it.

Perhaps the Law of Attraction has guided me to a desire for drinking more healthy water in order to bring about the healthier body I desire. Regardless, I’m playing my hunch and keeping some water nearby for whenever I want a quick drink.

Recommended Reading

For those who are truly interested in learning more about the Secret, this Law of Attraction, I have discovered a whole treasure chest of information, all contained in one single book.

You won’t find this book in the self-help section; you won’t even find it in the new age section. Instead, I stumbled upon this gem in the financial section of my local bookstore.

It is called The Prosperity Bible, and it contains nineteen of the best books to read if you are learning about the Law of Attraction. Actually, I stumbled upon one book that wasn’t listed in the table of contents, so perhaps 20 is a more accurate number.

In this book, you will find some well known gems, like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, plus many others.

Within this book is a great treatise called The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn – if you are any at all curious about the Law of Attraction, the Secret – you really need to read this book. I have actually copied parts of this book to display around my home to better memorize them!

It is hardback, and mine came boxed. Beg, borrow or buy a copy of this book – you won’t regret it!

Gold in the Stream

We have to sift through a lot of sand to find the gold within the stream. Sometimes we think we find it, only to analyze and discover it is not the real thing.

What do we do at that point? Do we accept what is in our possession, or do we keep searching for the real thing? Do we settle for less than we know we desire and deserve?

Several times in my life I have thought I struck gold. The test of time proved them all to be false. Crying many tears, I thought I could accept the hand I had been dealt, but in the end I have always folded, moving on to the next game, the next pail of sand.

I know in my heart that I deserve gold – not pyrite. I deserve to be treated with love and respect – not bullied or abused or placed on a shelf until convenient. I just have to keep sifting the sands of life and one day I will find my piece of gold.

It is lonely standing there sifting the sands in the stream. Sometimes I tell myself I should just accept the pyrite and move on, or chalk up the whole experience as a loss and finish my life alone, but I will not give up. I will not surrender. I know that somewhere there is a piece of gold waiting in that stream for me.

I just have to keep sifting….

Cheap Therapy

Okay, it is time to make this blog pay for itself in the form of cheap therapy.

Seems here lately every single female friend I have is having relationship troubles, and it reminds me of a person I used to be close to.

Years ago, we used to be best friends. He would come over and visit every chance he got, helping with the kids and stuff. He was so sweet back in those days…

When the kids would go to bed we would sit and chat for hours! I so adored his company and the refreshing way he looked at things. Even though we were just friends he made me feel special, you know?

Eventually time wore on and we would spend hours on the phone together while he drove (he was a truck driver). One night he asked about us maybe becoming a couple, with possible marriage in mind at an unknown time in the future. It was so sweet how he brought it up I wanted to cry. To this day it is one of my most cherished memories.

Then came the request for us to move closer so that he could be around more. Considering I lived several hours away, it was a reasonable request.

At first all was well after the move. He was wonderful in the beginning, and even surprised me with a cell phone as a gift. I was flattered and touched.

Slowly, things began to change. When we would all go places together it seemed I could do nothing right. I would wear heels and dress attractively to please him, but it only seemed to annoy him. He would complain that I walked too slow, “with my head up my butt” or “my nose to the ground.” His comments cut me to the quick, and eventually I began to avoid going places with him.

Then one day I began to feel that the cellphone wasn’t a gift – it was an invisible chain. If I did not answer when he called he would ring it over and over, and get upset because I wouldn’t answer. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, I had better answer that phone.

I really began to dislike that stupid cell phone.

I was dependent upon the safety it represented, however. He would get mad and punish me by taking gifts back – including the cell phone, leaving me afraid to go anywhere in my older car for fear of breakdowns.

As I rebelled from the tightening noose and shied away from the verbal cuts, we started growing apart. Whenever he offered me a gift I learned to either refuse, or pay him for it somehow. I told him it was an honor thing, but honestly it was because I resented getting comfortable with something then having it jerked away whenever the mood struck him. I purchased my own cell phone, keeping it in reserve at first for whenever he demanded his phone back. Eventually I began using it full time and returned his phone to him.

Anyhow, we grew apart. He stopped visiting as much, while he was telling others that we were closer than ever.

Then he told his employer that we were married, and used me as an excuse to get extra time off of work. By then we only saw each other maybe once every few months for a couple hours. That hurt, but it’s all good.

He would make promises to spend time with us, then stand us up cause “something came up.” I learned that if he wouldn’t answer his phone the night before he was not coming the next day. Whenever he was around, especially in public, he felt he should be in charge, which I resented.

I feel now that I started the rift between us a long time ago, but I tried to discuss the lack of closeness in our relationship, and a need to spend more time together. I was rebuffed more than once. So I quit.

When I became so lonely that I was starting to look outside of the relationship for friendship, I broke up with him. I didn’t want to disrespect what we used to have by cheating on him.

Now we rarely talk, and while he has called me for help getting to a couple of appointments, we don’t visit anymore.

I miss what we used to have, miss the person he was in the beginnning, and still mourn that all of these years later.

I have to remind myself that people change, and I don’t miss the cutting words he liked to use when he was annoyed. I don’t miss listening to him scream and rave at other drivers on the road. I don’t miss how he enjoyed punishing me by taking away things that he called “gifts” whenever I did something he disliked. I don’t miss how he would look at me and tell me to do something and the fear I would feel inside.

I am proud of how I would face that fear by brazenly doing whatever it was he wanted me to stop, and for telling him he was out of line a couple of times.

Perhaps it was my resistance to his authority that placed the last few nails in the coffin of our relationship. I don’t know.

I miss what we used to have, back in the beginning. I miss his refreshing attitude, his open way of living his life regardless of approval. I miss the live and let-live attitude he had at the beginning. I don’t miss the person he became. I don’t miss that at all.

He blames our breakup on me, and perhaps he is right. But it’s all good. Some things were never meant to be. People change, and we just changed in opposite directions.

I love hypocrites!

I really think they are hilarious! It is so much fun to bait them and let them rant and rave like they are all that..

Religious hypocrites are the best. They go to church and all the other churchgoers think they are such good religious folk…

I know a lot of people like that. The druggies who can’t live without their fix but get praised on the church steps cause “they do so much” for God….

I know some who are gay, and yet have fits when someone discusses homosexuality around them – can we not say “the person doth protest too much?”

I know wife beaters, tax cheaters, thieves – all upstanding church citizens.

Just mention one person who finds happiness outside of church walls, and they get soo hostile, because they are SO much better than those who leave the church – all the while you can hear them puffing on their joint over the phone lol!

One uptight churchgoer I used to know had a roommate who was an open gay male. Just for kicks, I used to have the most gorgeous women go up to this man and ask him to go out just so they could record him saying he was happily living with his boyfriend… I even asked the dude about it myself and he admitted it!

Of course, the church-goer denies that his roommate is gay, and gets all upset at the questioning, even going out of his way to announce every place in the whole entire earth where he has had sex with all of these “women” (like “who cares?”).

Honestly, I have no respect for people like that, but they do amuse me.

It says in the Bible, to let your “yes” mean “yes” and your “no” mean “no.” It also says not to judge in there as well.

I have so much more respect for someone who is open and forthright about who and what they are about as opposed to those pretending to be someone they aren’t. So you’re a queer and u like to do drugs? Who gives a flying flip! Just be yourself, and if someone doesn’t like it, who cares?

What is the point in going to a church that shuns drug use and homosexuality if drug use and homosexuality are what u are really about? Why live a double life? Your church friends can’t come around cause they may smell the dope, but your druggie friends can’t come around either cause your church friends may see them!

What type of life is that?!?

Gosh, people – be yourself and tell the rest of the world to fuck off! If you think it is so wrong to whore around or do drugs – then quit doing them yourself before looking down at others!

What makes a person have such low self esteem that they think this group or that group is necessary for them to survive? If you’re worried about salvation consider this: Jesus hated hypocrites, and membership in a church is not going to help you if you aren’t practicing what you preach. Much better to be honest and forthright than lying and sneaky…

I know one guy who chats with me constantly about how he hates men who abuse women, yet he abuses his significant other constantly. Calls her stupid and dumb and threatens to kick her out constantly, then relents cause “she isn’t able to survive on her own cause she has mental issues”. Her offenses? She will disagree with him on something. For years I have wanted to tell her that she can escape, but she isn’t ready. She reminds me of myself when I didn’t think I could ever master something as big as an escape, much less living on my own. Oh yeah, this dude is a “real asset” to his church as well…

Do we see a pattern here? Are all church going people hypocrites? If so, count me out, cause it just makes me sick!

Law of Attraction Strikes Again

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk to the Riverfront.

We had a wonderful time, and I planned to go to PetSmart and grab some things before heading home, but when we got back to the van, I noticed the back drivers side tire was very low.

Normally stuff like that would annoy me, but I had a feeling it was for the best, telling myself there is a reason that we are supposed to go straight home to air the tire.

On the way home, I decide to instead stop at a gas station and air up the low tire instead of going home and hunting for the air pump. There were two gas stations ahead.

I had never stopped at either station in the past, so I had no preference. Logic would have indicated I stop at the first station to air the tire as soon as possible, but for some reason I went on to the second station.

As I pulled in I saw the air pump. When I pulled in beside it, I realized something surprising, IT WAS ALREADY RUNNING. I hopped out and started airing the tire. Just as I finished, the pump clicked off.

I stared at the machine in astonishment. It was one of those pay machines, you put in 75 cents and get three minutes of air. Nothing special about it at all.

If one were to calculate the odds of happening upon a row of gas stations, picking just the right one that just happened to have just enough time left on the machine to air up a low tire, I do believe they would be quite astronomical. To answer the inevitably question: no I saw no one at the air machine before or as I pulled in.

There can be only one word for it: Attraction.

Somehow I attracted just the correct set of events to get the tire aired up as simply and quickly as possible.

There are times when I really want to write stuff like this off as coincidence, but frankly it happens too often for me to do so. I wish I knew how to calculate odds on what happened yesterday, I would love to know what the odds are against something like that happening.

I love this life. I don’t understand why so many want to leave it. There is an incredible power out there, just waiting for people to learn about and use, and most don’t know it exists.

Life has become an adventure again. Each day I can barely contain my excitement, wondering what new thing is going to happen.

I wish I could tell others about this, but I don’t think my family and friends would believe it.

I believe however, and that is all that matters.

My eyes!

Something amazing has come to my attention.

Since I was a child I have been neat-sighted. I have worn glasses full-time since I was 16.

That’s a long time.

Anyhow, I was lounging around reading when it dawned on me to try to read without my glasses. Considering that I am 20/200, most would think me insane.

But I could read. I could really read that book without my glasses. In fact, I am typing this here at the computer without my glasses even.

At first I was amazed, but in a way – I’m not. I’ve been thinking thoughts of health and youth, and now it is coming to me. I know in my heart that my eyes and physical condition are going to continue to improve.

Some think that this Secret is nonsense, but life just gets more and more amazing with each day. It feels strange to sit here without my glasses. I like it.

Public Transportation

Today my daughter and I decided to explore the public transportation available locally. Translation: We rode the bus to the Mall. I calculated the cost of the trip for myself and my daughter round-trip we would have used at least a gallon of gas in my van, not including wear and tear on the vehicle.

The round trip cost us three bucks at full-price.

At current gas prices, we basically broke even, adding wear and tear into the calculation. When you figure up the fact that I got to sit and relax instead of drive, we were a bit ahead of the game. Considering that I prefer riding to driving, it was soo nice to hop on the bus and let someone else navigate the traffic while I sat and enjoyed the scenery, chatting with my daughter.

At the Ky Oaks Mall we discovered that Borders Bookstore is now closing, but we got some great deals. Katie got a bug catching kit complete with an insect identification booklet, a small gel ink pen set, a novel about horses, and a ruler with horses on it. I got a dead-tree edition of “The Secret,” a street map of Paducah and an imitation thousand-dollar bill.

We looked around the stores, played in one of the photography booths, grabbed a Frappachino at Starbucks, then headed back to the bus stop. We arrived in perfect time, for moments after we arrived we saw the bus coming our way!

Tomorrow the van needs to go in for some work (the electric window decided to stop working), so when we take the van in we plan to hitch a ride downtown and hop on the trolley to explore the library and riverfront some more.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to explore without having to worry about traffic! Got a book of bus tickets, 10 tickets for six dollars, and figure we’ll just have fun enjoying the fact that we now live in a place that actually has public transportation!

While I have read a copy of “The Secret” in the past, I have wanted to add a copy to my book collection and cuddle up and read it again. That book has really made an incredible change to our lives!

The Law of Attraction is just wonderful!

The hundred-dollar bill that I posted on my vision board has finally come to fruition. We will be getting a check from Social Security for a little over a hundred dollars a month for my daughter now.

Actually two things have come to pass. No longer will I be accused of not reporting income that I really didn’t receive (my ex-husband apparently told the Social Security Admin. that she was living with him and it started showing up on my income), but thanks to the nice people at the Administration, my ex-husband will no longer be a threat to us.

He will be too busy dealing with the misappropriation charges against him for all the money they have given him for our daughter, especially since the whole time he was filing court papers against me saying that he never saw her…

Plus they are going to make sure that our other daughter is getting full use of her check. I have heard that she is going around having to struggle to get things she needs, so they are going to make sure that she is getting what she is due.

Considering the amount of money I gather he received for Katie alone, I have been told that he may be facing jail time, especially since they have proof in all of his affadavits that he wasn’t seeing our youngest daughter.

For those of you who are wondering, and thinking I’m an evil person for keeping myself and my daughter away from him – I don’t dare go around my ex. He promised that the only way I would get away from him is if “one of us died,” and while I was in that area – well, it was in my best interests to leave if I enjoyed breathing.

Whenever he finds my location and/or phone number, things start happening. It starts with phone calls, breathing, random hangups, death threats – then strange things start happening around my home.

I stay as far away from that man as a result now. Judge me how you will. I won’t even go to that little section of the state in fear of what he would do if he saw me there…

I have told the SSA that I do not want him to have a clue as to where we live for safety reasons, and they have promised to keep my information confidential. Either way, they don’t have my street address, just a post office box. I’m not taking any chances.

But the Law of Attraction is working things out. Soon all the evil he has dealt to others will come back to him. I don’t wish him ill, I just wish him out of my existence. It is happening.

The delay is the hardest part of the Law of Attraction to deal with. If you are like me, you want what you want NOW, not some time in the future. But honestly, if I got everything I wished for instantly, I wouldn’t enjoy life very much. Part of the enjoyment is in the anticipation.

Right now I am working on attracting the means to place my daughter in a much better school. I want her to be safe, and have great experiences and get an excellent education. I want her to be happy, and learn about life on the right side of the tracks. I come from the wrong side of them, and want her to have — well, I want her to comfortably see how the ‘other half’ lives so that she can have a choice in how she lives her life.

I want her safe and protected, with no chance that anyone can kidnap her to get back at me. That is what I want to attract for her. The best life I can give her.