Pandemic, Hornets, and Floods, Oh, My!

The field across the street from my house.

I’ve spent the day today watching the water rise in the field across the street from my house. They’ve already called and told us to evacuate, so we’ve made plans to do just that.

Hopefully it won’t get that bad, but the forecast calls for it to get in my house about three foot or so. I lived through the Flood of 1997; our current pattern is worryingly similar so I am watchful. Katie’s boss sent her home early and they’ve already started closing store on this end of town.

I just may have to bug out, folks. I’ve set things up so I should still be able to blog through this so all is well.

Just wanted to let you know so you won’t worry.

5 thoughts on “Pandemic, Hornets, and Floods, Oh, My!”

  1. That’s scary! Nature sure likes to let us know who is in charge…wishing you the best from Louisville!

  2. Dear Annie (and Katie!),

    Oh no…:(. Really hope you won ‘t have to bug out, but it is a relief to know you are ready to do so. Take care luv, and if possible, keep us posted.
    Lots of love, Carolina

    1. Hi Carolina! We came close but didn’t have to bug. I’ll post pictures in a bit

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