Pissed off and starting over

I just had a bit of a battle here. Somehow hackers managed to get back in and contaminated a bunch of my files.

Rather than risk endangering you I deleted it all. It just wasn’t worth it. You are much more important than this stupid page.

As a result I am going to have to ask you to resubscribe. I’m sorry, but it was the only way to make sure you were kept safe from the hackers.

Peace, Annie

4 thoughts on “Pissed off and starting over”

    1. No choice. I worked for hours trying to save it but when they hit there was too much damage. I got to the point where I was concerned I would miss something and endanger you guys, and, well, you are more important. It should still be on Internet Archive I think.

  1. It looks like you’re using WordPress here, which is pretty commonly hacked (mostly because it’s so commonly used), but IME, the hacks don’t usually touch the database, which is where your posts are kept. If you can get a copy of your old database, you could likely still safely use that with your current install. I’d ask your host about that, since they can probably help.

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