Today I cleaned the area underneath the kitchen sink. 

Not only did I discover duplicates of some items, but some other pointless things to eliminate.  Like the meat grinder that was missing the most important parts that was under that sink when I moved in!

I have a fear of running out of stuff for some strange reason. Hence the duplicate item issue. Most of the items were old cleaning supplies and were able to be condensed into single containers.  Some items are things that I simply do not use anymore and could be discarded.

Simplicity at times does not seem simple, especially when fighting with yourself. 

That said, I need to make an effort to remember to use up the cleaning supplies I no longer use.  I have the remnants of a gallon jug of Greased Lightning, some dishwashing liquid (which will be used to wash the car this summer) and the remnants of a gallon jug of Windex besides a partial bottle of ammonia (which I plan to try as a laundry additive and some other things) and maybe a cup of Oxy-Clean.

It was annoying to discover I had two almost full containers of flea spray for the animals, two containers of insecticide for the yard, two cans of insect repellent, two cans of compressed air, a bottle of floor shine that had never been opened, several rolls of trash bags in multiple sizes and three partially used bottles of liquid potpurri (NOT including the several bottles I have stashed in the other room).

I pooled the contents that could be safely pooled, emptied one of the bottles of liquid potpurri into the soapstone oil burner, used the last bit of deodorizing carpet powder and arranged the rest where the multiples are now grouped accordingly.

Two bags of stuff were discarded–mostly empty containers after pooling things together.  There is a lot more empty space down there now and will be even more once some of this stuff gets used up.

To reward myself for a job well done I treated myself to a long soak in a hot tub of bathwater.

You know, at times it seems like I have made no progress at all, but then I open the refrigerator and see the space empty of the unwanted leftovers that used to fill the space–see that it is actually quite empty in there despite the fact that we have a lot of food!  I see the pantry getting more and more organized as the things we actually use are being given attention while the things that aren’t used so much are being used, given away, or discarded without being replaced.

I see a large decrease in the amount of cleaners I need to satisfy the need to clean, with a subsequent reduction in my expenses as well.  I see a reduction in the grocery bill, though the quality of food has stayed the same and somehow things seem a bit less chaotic around here.  I’m definitely not tripping over things like I have in years past, which is a wonderful feeling.

All in all it has been a productive day.  I hope your day went as well, and I now bid you good-night.

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