A friend of mine and her family is down from Michigan.  They want to move to this area to help me out while I get situated.

They arrived late this evening, so we removed the mattress from the sofa sleeper to make them a bed with. My couch will be a spongy sleep but it works.

When daylight comes I’ll see if I can snap a picture for you. It is wall to wall sleeping in the living room tonight. We are crammed in like sardines! Right now there are five adults  (counting my Katie since she’s almost 18), two dogs, and two cats in this tiny one-bedroom house, and we are doing just fine.

This just goes to show that you don’t need a huge house just in case you have company. If they love you, any space will do.

How did you arrange things for your last overnight visitors? Please share your stories in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Sardines”

  1. We offered our daughter the couch but she preferred to sleep in her own home–her semi-truck parked out back. But, you reminded me of a Thanksgiving where my husband’s extended family spent the weekend at a 2-room cabin. Seven adults and one child all sleeping on the floor because there were no beds at all. And turkey cooked over a charcoal fire in the driveway. It was a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Annie,

    It’s nice to have such understanding company. There are too many families who believe that they must buy a certain number of square footage house just to “entertain” twice a year during the holidays for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the entire year, they have a few spare bedrooms with empty space since they must “entertain”. My view is that if they are such close family, then maybe these good relatives can actually stay in a hotel for a few days whenever they come over to visit. That way it’s so much easier on the hostess/homeowner for cleaning and maintaining their sanity. There is positively NO WAY that I would remain living in a big house if I were an older couple just to “entertain” for only a few days of the year. There is NO WAY that we would pay higher utilities and property taxes for a big house which we don’t really need. INSANITY! Thank goodness that I no longer care about peer pressure or keeping up appearances. I wish more people could learn from you. Take care of yourself Annie.

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