Shingles Made of Recycled Tires

I recently found a web page where a creative frugalista used old race care tires instead of shingles on a roof and my inner cheapskate fell in love.

I’m not exactly sure where you would get old race car tires but I still wanted to share this. Some of you might be able to figure out a way to use other tires for this as well, and if you do, please share how you do it in the comments below.

Anyway, click on the link here to read all about it and help share the love by sharing this post if you like it.


2 thoughts on “Shingles Made of Recycled Tires”

  1. Dear Annie,

    Please be careful! Over here in the Netherlands lots of recycled tires have been used. Lots of uses turned out to cause cancer. Debate going on as we speak. Government may ban use untill further notice.
    Take care luv,

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