Simple Amusements

For so many, including myself—amusements involve spending money. Going shopping, visiting the movie theatre—almost everything we know to do involves spending money.

We have become so jaded that even watching television does not have the appeal it used to in ages past, instead we must rent a new release of access Video On Demand.

What about trying some simpler amusements? Taking a walk, reading a book—just sitting in the sun perhaps. These things are not only simpler, but much less expensive as well.

Today my daughter was bored and restless so I suggested a trip to the library.  They have video game machines, movies and even a large television available for children all free of cost.

She looked around and decided on a couple of books she would like to read this weekend while I worked here on the laptop in the computer section. After that she settled down with her laptop and started playing her Webkins.

While at home she refused to play on her laptop because she was bored but now that we are in a different environment she is happily amusing herself while sitting quietly beside Mom. The cost of this: a little gas to drive to the library. The benefit of having her sit quietly so I can work: Priceless.

We do not have to spend a fortune to amuse our kids, but we do have to pay attention to their needs. We don’t have to spend a fortune to amuse ourselves if we can only remember how.

When I was a child before the days of computers, video games and cable TV I would play out in the yard, take walks with the dog or read books I checked out from the library. I was taken to different worlds and lives, experiencing things that I would have never experienced otherwise, then I would lay in the grass and daydream that I was there in the world of those books.

What did you do then, and what do you do now for simple amusements?

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