Simple Christmas

Katie and I tend to make our Holidays simple but this year we’ve went a bit lower than usual. Since money is tight Katie made some edits for the website and gave them to me as her gift. She is the one who designed the new logo, actually. Isn’t she talented? I bought her a box of hair bleach since she wants to go back to her natural blonde. Grandson is getting a coloring book, an art book, and a pack of tracing paper since he likes to draw and everyone else focuses on getting him toys.

Katie also played Secret Santa at school this year so one of her friends received a mug decorated with her favorite animal and an assortment of food treats. Some special friends and family members received Christmas cards from us since we’ve been neglectful about keeping in touch over this past year.

So that’s the bulk of our Christmas, purchased for under $30. How much did you spend?

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  1. Hi Annie and Katie,

    I spent a good amount, but spread it out over the year. Years ago, I used to make Christmas presents (mostly sewn), then, I moved to baking and candy making for most gifts. After I gave up sugar, I bought wine.

    This year, I didn’t make anything or give any food related gifts. I bought ornaments, candles, DVDs, fleece throws, and some individual gifts I knew people wanted.

    It is just not as satisfying. I want to return to making gifts — jewelry, I think, and I would love to have the space and equipment to make things from wood (bird feeders maybe) and to refinish discarded pieces — someday! Another plan is to create fresh potted herb gardens for folks.

    Although I do enjoy giving presents, I am often stressed by having to get so many things. I exchange gifts with more than a dozen people and I get a dozen more work related gifts.

    I find your minimal Christmas refreshing and relaxing. Perhaps I need to rethink things.

    Have a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and all good things!

  2. Annie, I think I ended up spending around the same amount you did this year. When it comes to give giving I tend to give small practical objects that have a realistic change of being regularly used. This year I gave pocket sized power wallets (portable cell phone/tablet chargers) that I was able to buy on a 50% off special.

    1. That is a brilliant idea, John! We’re much the same way. My Katie and I generally figure out something that the other wants/needs for our personal gifts, then try to determine what the others will actually use. For instance, my grandson heads straight toward the sketchbook I keep for him here, selects an art book from my stash, and doodles nonstop every time he visits. Since everyone else focuses on toys for him we decided that it was a safe bet to gift him with one of the packs of tracing paper we found at a huge discount, a coloring book featuring Minions (since he draws them a lot), and an art book I was given that was a bit juvenile for us, plus Katie noted his obsession with boxes and scrounged up a small safe. He was delighted and immediately started playing after he opened them.

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