Simplifying the Dog Walk

I currently have two little dogs in my life right now: a Chihuahua/terrier mix rescued from a shelter and my cousin’s little Pomeranian. They are sweet little dogs but taking them on a walk can be a challenge. While the Pom is good about staying close the Chihuahua likes to dart here an there–moving so quickly I fear for her when walking beside busy streets!

As a fan of the Dog Whisperer I remained skeptical of Caesar’s method of dog walking. Despite the beauty inherent in those packs of dogs all walking peacefully on a leash I kept thinking “heh, he hasn’t met my dog yet!”

I’ve tried so many other things I finally decided to give his advice a shot. I called the pups to me, snapped on their leashes and immediately had to challenge the Chi as she tried to beat me to the door.

We had a couple of more challenges between the door and the driveway but to my absolute amazement she was walking calmly beside me by the time we reached the end of the drive!

She seems a little confused by the change in my behavior but so far she is walking much better than she ever has on a leash! Yesterday I took them through a busy intersection and upon an overpass just for a test and while they were nervous there was no darting or attempts to act retarded!

I’ve only been using this method of dog walking for a few days but it has definitely simplified the logistics of walking the animals. No longer do I have to constantly juggle leashes to keep them untangled or spend ages untangling them when I’m not fast enough for them—that alone is a blessing! It is also so much more peaceful to walk two dogs who are heeling peacefully beside you than even one dog trying to wander where it will!

If you have dogs you may want to give the Dog Whisperer’s method a try. I can’t guarantee anything, but I do know it has simplified walking these little guys!

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