Frugality Simplicity

Spring is Here!

Well, close enough—we sprang the clocks forward last night! Hooray!

I love spring.  It means I can turn off the heat and open the windows.  I can hang my laundry out in the sunshine and watch the flowers bloom.

I can stop hibernating and start living again!

Another benefit is the fact that my bills go down as my energy needs are reduced.  I love watching those bills drop!  One month last spring I had an electric bill of a whopping $12! I liked that bill!

Since I am alone in the house this damp dreary weekend I have turned the electric furnace off and turned on a single radiant kerosene heater positioned near my chair to heat the most important part of the house at present.  At present kerosene prices it costs about $3 a day to use that little heater to take the chill off the house and dry it out some, plus I prefer the warmth of the radiated heat compared to that furnace blowing warm air all around.

I need to take this heater in and locate a new wick for the poor thing.  I doubt that it has ever had a new wick installed.  This heater was purchased by my mother in either 1988 or 1989 to help warm her home.  She was killed in 1992 and I have had it ever since.  It has been used sporadically over the years but was pressed into semi-regular service when I moved last spring to take the chill off cold mornings and again this winter for the same purpose.

It is still working well but I want to keep it maintained properly, especially since I much prefer the focused heat to that of my furnace, and it is less expensive to use area heat on the days when I spend hours working at the computer compared to heating the whole house.

It would cost more to heat the whole house with kerosene compared to the electric furnace on cold days, however.  I would also have to invest in another kerosene heater.  I am considering the purchase if I find one at a good price as a better precaution against electric outages.

I spent $30 back in January on kerosene and I still have about 2.5 gallons left of that.  When I use it all up I plan to go to another place to purchase fuel that I have discovered in this area because they are several cents cheaper than where I normally purchase the stuff. I think they were selling it at $2.84 a gallon the last time I looked, while my current supplier charges a little over $3 a gallon.

I have some things I need to accomplish today so I need to close for now.  Have a wonderful spring-forward day!